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We have created a selection of free printable Fireman Sam reward charts, behavior charts, chore charts and even potty training charts. Each time you get a sticker on this reward chart Fireman Sam will get closer to the fire hydrant. For example, if you are trying to get your child to stop wetting her bed then each morning that she didn’t wet her bed she gets a sticker on this chart.

If you are working on certain issues (such as saying please, thank-you, etc) then list the issues there too. It can also be used for multiple purposes.This is a toilet training chart with Fireman Sam. If you would like to define different milestones then you can use one of the blank behavior charts above and add your own terminology or milestones.

If the behavior chart better describes the things that you are trying to teach your child to do then you will find it easier to work with and more effective. This is a weekly behavior chart, chore chart or reward chart.

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