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When house training goes well new pet owners assume that this is a cake walk and it should be like this all the time. The fact is there are many many reasons that puppies and older dogs develop house training problems. One of the most common themes in the many emails I get every day concern problems people have with house training their dogs. My answer is always "this is a simple thing to do as long as you are willing to educate yourself on canine pack behavior and make a few changes in the way you live with your cats." I remind people that cats can instigate problems with dogs. I am constantly asked if I think it's a good idea to buy two puppies and raise them together, or people ask what I think about getting their older dog a puppy to keep the older dog company.
This article will detail three topics concerning dog parks: 1) The original purpose of dog parks. Before you start training, though, you must be sure that what you have is really a behavior problem and not a physical problem. If you've ruled out medical problems, house-training an adult dog uses the same principles as house-training a puppy, except you have to be even more diligent because you need to do some untraining, too. Leash him to you in the house so you can monitor his every move during his training period. Take him outside first thing in the morning, as soon as you get home from work and just before you go to bed (when you put him in his crate for the night).

If you've been consistent, your dog likely will get a good idea of what's expected of him within a couple of weeks, and you can start to give him a little freedom. If you continue to have problems, ask your veterinarian for a referral to a veterinary behaviorist. If you've ever vacationed on the Greek islands, you may have noticed Aegean Cats hanging around fishing boats.
Check out our collection of more than 250 videos about pet training, animal behavior, dog and cat breeds and more. In March 2007 I wrote a 160 page eBook titled Common Sense Solution to House Training Problems. He was anexuberant, handsome, sweet, and strong six-year-old Golden Retriever, named “Kirby.” Kirby was a very special dog with unlimited potential.
There have been reports of dogs dying of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever as far east as Connecticut. And a lot of cleaning: You must thoroughly clean any soiled area with enzymatic cleaner (available through pet-supply outlets) to eliminate the smell that invites repeat business. To do this, spend a couple of weeks ensuring that he has nothing but successes by never giving him the opportunity to make a mistake.
It's not unfair during training to leave him in a crate for four or five hours at a stretch -- assuming, of course, that he's getting his regular daily exercise.

One-on-one assistance can pinpoint the problems in your training regimen and get you both on the right track. While much has been written on bringing puppies into the home - very little has been written about bringing new adult dogs into the home. The Lone Star Tick that is normally responsible for transmitting that particular disease was previously isolated to parts of the Rocky Mountain States, but can now be found nearly anywhere. Punishing your pet isn't fair, and it isn't the answer: You have to go back to square one and teach him properly.
People never seem shy about punishing their dogs, but too often forget to praise them -- they take it for granted the dog should do the right thing.
Keep his area small and let him earn the house, room by room, as he proves his understanding of the house rules. Clean up the mess inside promptly and thoroughly, so he won't feel inclined to refresh his smell there.

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