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Home › Free Fridays- Child Sleep Question Session › Is Potty Training Creating Sleep Problems? During the day give her plenty of chances to go independently, with some help and then less and less. Leave her for at least 90 minutes for all naps, if she wakes before 90 minutes you can choose to not go in or you can respond to her with a sleep training method.
Provide a consistent bedtime routine that is executed the same way, in the same order, every night. Pick a sleep training method and use that to respond to all other wakings, the key here is total consistency. The second piece is routine, the easiest way to ensure great sleep is to make sure they don’t become over tired. Tinder Meets NCT – The Best New App for Meeting Mums Leo Bamford 23 May, 2016 WIN A Box of Delicious NEW Pulsin’ Kids Fruity Oat Bars and A Sass & Bell Lunch Bag My Baba 23 May, 2016 WIN!
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We want to make sure we are helping her learn to use the potty while keeping a sharp eye on whether she is using this an excuse to delay sleep and get you back in her room.
She needs to practice and learn how to go independently during the day so she will be able to do it at night without your help. Make sure her room is as dark as you can get it, she has some white noise and it’s set at a cool temp. Pick a method and only respond with that method, varying your responses, feeding sometimes and not others etc., sends confusing messages and actually makes it harder for her to sleep.
If some things fall to the wayside during vacation, don’t beat yourself up, when you get home strictly follow your usual schedule, sleep plan and sleep training method.
The key is getting back to the routine and providing a consistent response to all those night wakings.
You might have a few days of off naps or some night wakings, expect that and don’t be deterred, just be extra consistent and they will work themselves out in a few days time. Then go over sleep rules with her, make a chart that outlines the nighttime routine and let her place stickers on the chart for the things she has completed.

Bring their familiar sheets or blankets, stuffed animals, white noise if you have it and use towels or whatever you have handy to black out the windows as much as you can. How do we move her into a diaper free day, and eliminate night time diaper and or associated night time need to use the potty?
Once she has attempted or completed that part of the routine she can place a sticker next to it signaling, routine is over, it’s time to get in and stay in bed. If she says she has to go 5 minutes later you can treat it the way you would treat any other nighttime excuse and silently return her to bed. If you are concerned that she really does have to go, she can have one more potty attempt, you can include that in the chart (nighttime potty) but that’s it.

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