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House training is one of the areas of Pug ownership that’s most subject to misunderstanding, confusion, and just plain dread! The more excited he is, the harder it is for him to control his bladder, so don’t encourage him to get worked up: ignore him for the first few moments, or give him a neutral “hello”, a quick pat, and then go about making yourself at home. Remember, you’re dealing with a sensitive, highly-strung Pug: if you get angry or worry him further, the problem will worsen. Turns out that when females are spayed, since they stop producing estrogen they sometimes have problems with bladder control.

When you catch him in the act, you can interrupt him (a firm “No!” followed by praise when he stops should suffice) but don’t punish him. Nothing serious, other than a pill every day, but I checked it out because she kept wetting the bed! With guaranteed craftsmanship these training door bells will help your pooch be trained in no time! Simply train your dog to ring the bells at each potty time so they know to alert you that it’s time for them to go outside.

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