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Also, others are reporting that they have found Huggies Pull-Ups Potty Training Starter Kits marked 50% off and with a coupon, you can score a kit with 56 Pull-Ups, 42 wipes, stickers, hats and a coupon booklet for a CUCKOO price! The Pull-Ups packs have 3-3.00 off Pull-Ups coupons inside and there is also a 5% off Cartwheel offer. I was not allowed to use the Kandoo coupons, because they printed on the whole page, and the manager said they were copies cuz I printed them in grayscale. I always tell them that not everyone has a color printer… I mean what about those who use laser printers? One of my biggest pieces of advice to any mom who is considering potty training is this: Go all in!
Over the next six weeks, I will be facing my potty training fears head on and taking MillerBug on his very own potty training journey – with the help of Pull-Ups. Pull-Ups helps take the scare out of potty training by making it fun and easy with new Monsters U character training pants! We’re out of this stage but there were times I never thought I would get my daughter to go #2 in the toilet!.
Somehow we managed to avoid the whole Pull-Ups period with my daughter, but I fear it will not be the same with my son. Being a Huggies Pull Ups Brand Ambassador I have teamed up with them to give one reader the chance to win this lovely little kit to help your little one begin their new journey to becoming a big person!

The kit contains 1 travel potty, 2 packs of wipes, 2 packs of daytime pull ups and 2 packs of night time pull ups. We are a huge fan of the Huggies Pull Ups, they are helping Sophia through her potty training journey (which has been up & down) more of that coming in a blog post this week.
When money is a little tight I also use Comforts For Toddler Training Pants and Comforts Sensitive Wipes. Luckily, I only used pull ups maybe 2 or 3 times because I just thought it made my son think he still had a diaper on. I was given a reference number to go into the store and have a team member call in reference to them not taking the coupon for being in PDF form.
You can help make potty training easier by staying consistent and using rituals like the potty break. Having gone through it, with the help of his daycare, it seemed to work pretty well pretty quickly.I do not miss those days, although things change and there are different challenges (all good!)!
My husband never understood why, but it was essential to the success of each of my children.
I know for my kids once I moved them into pull-ups they did not want anything to do with diapers again. I have already potty trained my oldest daughter and now it is time to potty train my big 3 year old daughter!

I do like these because they have the open sides,fade when wet design and the price is cheaper. Today was a bad day at target went to 2 stores, and the first one gave me some troubles also, with the BOGO Clear shampoo qpns. These worked good at first but when my daughter got older and had more in her diaper I had more leaks especially at nighttime.
Kinda like how the show extreme couponing has caused major changes in the stores policies BC of the attention it attracted.
These are my second choice because overall for the price and quality these training pants did the job.I think they are comparable to Huggies but a lot cheaper.
Pampers Easy Ups also have stretchy sides that easily pull up and down and feel similar to real underwear. I have found that these trainers have had only one leak compared to many leaks with other brands.

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