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Currently, we only know that this product exists at one place, but it may be available at other stores as well. Pull Ups Training Pants with Cool Learn for Boys is the only training pants that didnt break my son out.when my son was 2 turning 3 years old I wanted him to wear regular underwear but he would not wear them and I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t want to still wear diapers so I thought I would try pull ups but I was afraid they would be like a diaper and they were not.
I can’t always find them in the store on the shelf so buying what I need online for the pickup today saves me from having to find an associate to track down another box for me.
Training a boy to use the facility rather than a diaper is as individual as there are boys on the Earth. I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Pull-Ups. We downloaded the Time to Potty App on our iPhone and we were able to personalize it with her name and then it asked what time she wakes up and goes to bed and it will give you a timer duration of when it is recommended to take a potty break!
I was recently given the opportunity to sample the Pull-Ups Training Pants in size 4T-5T and really think they are great! Make sure to visit the Pull-Ups website to enroll in the Big Kid Academy, for great tools, tips and advice that are very helpful and resourceful, like preparing for potty training, to help begin your potty training journey today! They are very soft feeling just like underwear would feel and they offer great leakage protection.
Each day is a challenge, but it is also very rewarding at the same time to know our little girl is taking a new milestone in her toddler life and becoming a big girl. You may also want to follow Pull-Ups on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to stay up-to-date on all things new from Pull-Ups!

Bringing you great deals, coupons, savings, freebies, samples, reviews, giveaways & more! He loved the Disney character designes and he loved potty training it was favorite thing to do and it helped him at night the bed was never wet and his older brother helped him potty train. Our guy likes the Buzz, Pirate Jake, and Mater animated character images on these Pull-Ups, so that’s a plus.
Since our guy is constantly using a sippy-cup, devouring liquids, it’s been easier using the Night Time Pants all the time, not just at night.
The timer goes off and plays a cute little tune to remind your child it’s time to go potty and then you just have to press Next and the timer will set again. Another wonderful feature of the Pull-Ups Training Pants is the design fades when the Pull-Ups get wet, so that really helps with the potty training learning process. The Pull-Ups Training Pants have been wonderful in helping with our potty training routine and she looks forward to putting them on each day!
Pull Ups Training Pants with Cool Learn for Boys was the most I have ever seen him happy and he wore them since he was 12 and he is 13 now and still wears them he enjoyed being himself he even feels like superman in them and him and his brother had great adventures while he was in them. He’s big for his age, and near the top weight limit that the 3T-4T Pull-Ups suggest (32-40 lbs).
Catching him when he needs to go, but is too interested in play to take the time, is the problem.
You can visit Pull-Ups to join the Big Kid Academy for free and it has a great Time to Potty App that is a smart new take on the classic potty timer that helps you and your child learn the importance of taking regular potty breaks.

Remember to praise and reward your child when they go potty, it makes them feel so good and they think they are a big kiddo now! They have great learning designs and not only can you pull them up like “big girl panties,” but they also have easy open adjustable sides, which is a great feature! I think pull ups made him the happiest boy i have ever seen him be besides his older brother. Not only does it remind you when to go, it also automatically adjusts based on your child’s progress which you can adjust manually too.
We love the Minnie Mouse and Monster’s Inc designs, which made it fun to potty train. Pull Ups Training Pants with Cool Learn for Boys are easy to release and reattach firmly with the Velcro tabs after the time the toilet is used successfully. The Velcro fastener hooks onto an elastic piece on both sides allows for almost 3 inches of variation in waist size.

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