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October 7, 2010 by Chrystal Johnson 15 Comments Potty training has been a huge theme in our house lately and, as I mentioned Tuesday, we’ve tried just about everything. At first glance on the store shelf, I didn’t think there would be much difference between them, but we quickly found there is a HUGE difference. You might be temped to choose the brand that features your child’s favorite character, but I’d consider the differences between them first. The worst part about the Pampers, besides the amount of leaks we had in them, is that they don’t come apart easily on the sides. So if you’re deciding between buying Huggies Pull-Ups and Pampers Easy Ups, I’d definitely recommend going with Huggies. The content on Happy Mothering is provided for educational and informational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice.

The Pampers Easy Ups were made of a softer, stretchier material, but surprisingly the fit wasn’t as good on Zoe as with the Huggies Pull-Ups. For some reason, the Huggies Pull-Ups are the only thing she doesn’t pee through regularly. Because even those these have fancy names and images, they’re still diapers and they encourage the child to use them as a toilet. The pampers seem to fit my daughter a little tighter so they are less noticeable under her clothes but when they are messy they are MESSY!
Please consult with a qualified health care professional before acting on any information presented here. The Pampers have that chemical filled absorption material in them that becomes really squishy and horrible smelling when they get wet.

The Huggies have Velcro closures on either side, so although they look more like big girl pants, they’re easier to change.
The idea is that your child goes around the house completely naked from the waist down for three days. She hates being dirty, and even hates spilling water on herself, so I think it might be the push she needs. I think that Pampers are more for when they are almost finished with potty training but need that little extra protection and Huggies are more for beginning stages of potty training.

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