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This lightweight lead is used to interrupt a puppy or dog's undesirable behaviours in the house, without the need for unnecessary confrontation or misunderstanding.
These leads provide hands-off management of dogs and puppies and come with a comprehensive training guide. A  Jan 19,2010 Happy 5th Birthday Jenny Jan 6 2010 Jenny's pups eye cerf showed perfect eyes!
If you can only manage 1 course with your dog the puppy course will guide you in the right direction to continue your training, though you can if you wish continue onto the next adolescent stage (the hormonal, tricky time) with our novice course and if you would like you may be able to continue onto our advanced courses. For further information on the next course intake date and for an application form please email or telephone. Thinking of getting a puppy and not sure which type or breed would suit you, contact us for a lifestyle match. By the time a puppy has reached 12 weeks of age the optimum age for learning social interaction is beginning to close making it more difficult to establish a friendly and confident dog.
I have attended other puppy training classes in the past but Lynn's class is different. An additional £10 off if you book both the Puppy course and the Private Puppy Right Start session.
House Lines are particularly useful to train your puppy during those demanding early days, allowing you to interrupt jumping-up, stealing, chewing, digging, chasing and many other unwanted behaviours.

We had so much fun today watching our oldest Grandson Isaiah run our dogs at the Maine Spaniel Field Trial Club's fun trial and he received six ribbons to boot!.Isaiah is only eight years old. This was really neat as Maggie was only entered because we did not want her to sit around all week end while the other dogs ran. Once a place is confirmed available you can book on line using paypal, credit or debit card, just go to our shop page or you can pay over the telephone or by cheque if preferred.
Most breeds are still responsive to novel interaction and situations until around 16 weeks but some, such as the guarding breeds, GSD, dobermanns, rottweillers, etc need this socialisation earlier to prevent issues later on. We cover all the general puppy advice as well as any other specific issues you may have such as integrating puppies with kids, breed traits and how to prevent problems as well as help to solve them. The owners are not only taught about obedience, walking to heel and recall but the puppies are socialised in a way that teaches good puppy manners.
Bob & I are extremely pleased with Jason Green and the wonderful job he did with our guy. Maggie is officially retired and Elsie could not be Happier as Maggie is such a great house dog. Minnie is a very stubborn Basset Hound but as a result of attending Lynn's classes, she knows how to behave with people and other dogs. Sammy received Three MH Legs, Jenny after her time out to have ten pups came back out to qualify for her first two Master Hunt passes and Woody completed his SH title.

We offer lots of socialisation, handling, training as well as invaluable advice on general puppy behaviour. That means that I am confident taking her anywhere because I know she will be a mannerly wee dog. Thank you Jason for believing in Kuta , for the excellent training ,Love and Care Kuta received while in Kansas and on the road. Week 1 of the course no puppies attend so ideally by the second week they should have finished their vaccinations. We have two gals in Iowa that compete in Rally and will be updating their news on the offspring page. John Colcord {our 14 year old nephew} Has completed his JH title on Xena and has three SH legs as well. Thank you Paul!a€?a€?Terry Oliver outfitted John with a new vest ,whistle and most important water Bottles:}:} Thank You Terry!
Thank you Paul!Terry Oliver outfitted John with a new vest ,whistle and most important water Bottles:}:} Thank You Terry!

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