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Last time we introduced a puppy to the household (more than a decade ago) things were different- we already had a mature dog.
Within the first couple of days of bringing Rocket home from the pet shop, we seemed to be fighting a losing battle on the potty training front. I knew that I needed to reward him when he eliminated in the correct place, but I was beginning to think that he would NEVER do it in the right place!
To cut a long story short, after sifting through lots of free advice and tips on the internet, I eventually found something online that gave me a step by step process to follow.

I don’t know about you, but I was getting confused by all the conflicting advice and tips out there. Thankfully, sights (and smells!) such as this inside the house started to become a thing of the past very quickly. Also, we are delighted that our puppy sits every time we ask him to – even at the command of an exuberant 7 year old. There were a couple of bonuses thrown in when I got this downloadable book and audio (not sure whether they are always offered).

We all know that consistency is the key – but that only helps if you know what you should be DOING consistently!
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