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Bark Busters provide puppy training programmes to give your puppy the very best start in life.
There are many personal factors to consider when choosing which breed of puppy will best suit you and your family. Beware of Puppy Farms: Over breeding is common place in puppy farms, which leads to problems with the health of the puppy. About a week prior to taking the puppy home give the breeder a blanket or towel to place with the puppy and mother. Leaving a radio on at low level is a good way of providing background noise for your puppy.
If your puppy has an accident and toilets in the house there is no point taking him back to the scene of the crime. There are many discussions on the pros and cons of feeding processed or natural, but a good place to start is to type BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) into your search engine and research the different types. Whichever method you decide on, it is important to find one that suits your puppy and try to stick to it if he settles into it.
Once you have decided which food you feel is appropriate for your puppy then leave the bowl down for about ten to fifteen minutes until he has finished eating. It is always advisable to get your vet to check him out for any obvious signs of ill health too. We recommend that you simulate the examination process for your puppy a couple of times per week.
You should also take into consideration if you intend to breed with your dog in later life. Some people may suggest waiting until your puppy is over eighteen weeks to begin puppy training, but we recommend you start to train him after a day or so of him settling into his new home.
Above all it is important to ensure that you and your family take the lead role in your puppy’s life.
The following is aimed to give you some general advice on preventing bad behaviour and in some cases explains why the behaviour may be happening. Chewing: Chewing is natural for a puppy but you can limit the amount of chewing with the proper puppy management. Separation Anxiety: The reasons for separation anxiety can be complex but the most common causes by far generally stem from a lack of leadership, lack of general control and incorrect conditioning by owners. A good source of information on caring for and puppy training is the Animal Care College website. Bark Busters are looking for special individuals who are looking to become a dog trainer and dog behaviour therapist. For instance, if you live on your own and are not able bodied, it may not be wise to choose a breed which requires plenty of exercise, such as Husky, Malamute, Boxer or a German Shepherd.
There are different characteristics in both sexes and it is important to research the traits in the breed. For instance, a Dalmatian should be given a particular type of diet because they are prone to urinary stones. For instance, you have a good guide as to what size your puppy may grow to be, from the background of the breed. Meeting both parents could give you a feel of the personality of the puppies when they grow.
It’s an important time for the puppy as the puppy is still learning from its parents and siblings.
Then when it comes time to collect your new puppy, you can collect the blanket also and this gives a familiar scent for your puppy when you get him into his new home.
This is a big change for your puppy and he’ll need time to settle in to his new environment. Be patient, it could be a few nights before your puppy stops crying and whining but by being consistent this soon disappears. He’s brand new and he cannot hold it in for very long, so take it in turns to get up early to take him outside to toilet. Always make sure that the drinking bowl is cleaned every day, so as not to encourage bacteria, and that the water is replaced at minimum once per day.

It’s better to get him checked sooner rather than later so any problems can be quickly remedied, or you may have recourse from the breeder if there are any major problems. For example, if you intend to show your dog, or use him for agility or specific work then you may want to put him out for stud later in life. However it is important to find the right one to suit your needs and temperament of your puppy. Puppies and dogs have an innate natural instinct to leadership and if we don’t show and guide our puppy with the correct leadership then it may not be long before he starts to try to take control of situations, which in many cases leads to disaster. Supply your puppy with safe chew toys such as the Kong™ or provide your puppy with a Buster Cube. Some dogs can hear things going on underground, such as water running through pipes or moles and other burrowing animals. In these situations you should practice separation while you are home and correct any barking.
If you have any concerns about puppy training or behaviour then your local Bark Busters Trainer is always on hand to help. It provides many links to carefully researched, important and useful advice, videos and information. Your relationship after choosing the right puppy will last for many years and following simple tips and advice will make owning a puppy a pleasure for all the family.
Maybe there is a family member who can watch him or you may consider employing a dog walker. For instance, if you find that the father has had little training and is aggressive to people or seems frightened to meet you then this trait may be passed on to the puppies.
For example, complete dog food has been created to make the process of feeding easier for the human. This not only helps to quickly identify any problems which may occur but it also helps to condition him to being handled and for it to become second nature when someone touches his sensitive areas. If a male dog escapes and mates then the instinct is strong to keep escaping to mate again. During the first sixteen weeks of his life, your puppy is learning to associate what he feels are good things and bad things. If your puppy is not allowed on the furniture then make this a house rule that everyone sticks to.
For instance, if you have quite a boisterous puppy then it is not uncommon for the instructor to ask you to remove your puppy from the lesson because he is disrupting the class.
Your local Bark Busters trainer will be more than happy to advise you on any specific concerns you may have.
They will also dig to bury bones and it’s thought that dogs dig to make a small hollow to cool off or to make a bed. We offer different packages to suit your needs and would be happy to discuss things further with you.
A good source of information on different types of breed can be found on the Kennel Club website.
Many vets however believe that cross breeds can be healthier dogs because they are not prone to problems caused by interbreeding. There is much debate as to when to cut your dogs food back to twice per day but we feel that during the first 12 months your dog is still growing. Leaving the bowl down for him to pick at in between feeding times could lead to an overweight dog. It is important to get your puppy vaccinated and it is also important not to over vaccinate him also. It is important that a bitch should have gone through her first season before you have her neutered. There are some benefits of neutering to curb some behaviour problems, such as humping in male dogs, but ultimately the choice is with the owner.
Try to socialise him with other dogs but try to find a calm dog that will not overwhelm him too much or become aggressive, as this could send him the wrong signal from an early age. It’s important that everyone be consistent with the house rules and training as possible.

It is best to limit the space for a young pup, that way you control the environment and limit the amount of damage he is able to do.
You could consider a digging pit, using something such as a wading pool filled with washed sand. Most dogs need a lot of stimulation to keep their minds active or behaviour problems can start to occur very quickly. Being consistent with the word you choose and saying each time he toilets, will help him soon learn that this word means to go to the toilet.
He’s going through his teenage years if you like (in human terms), and during this time he has his growth spurt. Once he has had the recommended course of vaccinations as prescribed by your vet then it is safe to take him outside for his walks.
Puppies and dogs learn by association so the more consistent everyone is in training the better.
Your puppy needs to know you have not deserted him and the correction through the door lets him know you are still there but do not approve of its behaviour.
We feel that it is important to make sure he has the proper nutrition whilst he is going through this time. You could use a treat from a stranger to make the meeting process an enjoyable event for him. If some are deviating from the plan then your puppy will become very confused and will stop listening to you as he cannot work out right from wrong. Puppies and dogs much prefer to dig where they know they’ll find something good and sand is softer and easier to dig.
We would always recommend that you talk to your local Bark Busters trainer in cases of separation anxiety. Cover the back top and sides with a dark blanket but leave the front of the crate open and uncovered. Although we recommend feeding three times per day for the first 12 months it is important to make sure that you are not over feeding or under feeding him. It is also important to take into consideration the amount of treats he is getting each day too. You can reward with praise or a toy or treats but whatever you choose make it a positive process.
The more different people who will stoke him, touch him and socialise with him the better. Many foods are packed with additives because they have to stay on the supermarket shelves for a long period of time. Some treats can be extremely high in sugar and can easily lead to an overweight dog if not regulated.
If he’s had his vaccinations you can show him all of the different sights and sound that being outside has to offer.
If your puppy starts to cry or whine it’s important not to feel tempted to comfort him.
We all know what some additives and E numbers do to children, well it’s no different for dogs too.
Talk to your vet if you are in any doubt and they will be able to advise you on the amount of food per day which best suits your dog. Again, do not over do it with the treats and remember that it makes up part of his daily food intake.
This will teach your puppy that he gets attention from crying and whining and will encourage him to do it all the more. Remember that dogs are carnivores and they find it harder to process plant material than meat. The protein content on the packet or tin could also be made up of plant protein so research the different alternatives you have available for feeding.

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