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He asks his question by doing a behavior and then waits to see how you respond to that behavior. If you answer his questions consistently and clearly each time, it’s easier to him to learn and the more he will learn about what you do and don’t want him to do.
This begins to lay the path to a strong, positive shared relationship that’s fun for both of you. This means they’ll bounce from one bad behavior to the next, kind of like that little white ball in a pinball machine that bounces from stopper to stopper. There are predictable, common, but irritating issues that come up in daily life with any new puppy. The easiest way to address these is to have solid, proven methods and a plan of action that makes sense and is easy to put into place. This journey is a simple step-by-step plan with solutions to put into place to create an outstanding puppy.
How to pick the right crate for your puppy for successful crate training and how to keep him happy when he’s in the crate. No other product offers you the personal support that comes with my Nose To Tail Puppy Training on the material covered on the DVD and in the downloadable training manual. You need me at midnight, I’m here with these videos and these instructions and emails.   You don’t have to wait for me–I’m already there! When I started working with the family and their new puppy, they showed me your DVD and explained the program to me, how their breeder gave it to them as part of their puppy go-home package. Hi Jim and Leila: Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am that I was introduced to the Nose to Tail Puppy Training DVD and that I added it as part of my puppy package.
After having purchased Jim’s DVD we now have all the info we need to raise both our pups to be great dogs. A non-toxic, bitter-tasting spray is available from most veterinary surgeries and pet shops.
Your new puppy should learn that people eat before dogs, and are therefore more dominant members of the household, or pack.
A puppy must learn to obey the family in its new home, so all responsible family members should handle the puppy. By using food enticements rather than discipline, you will find training a puppy much easier as this will teach the puppy more quickly which activities are not allowed.

All this running around, getting into everything is simply their way of trying to figure out where they fit in this new place. This is a difficult, if not impossible way for a puppy to learn how to live with you and your family. A puppy that is out of control is a stressed, anxious, unhappy puppy that will have behavior issues. Like most of us, your day is structured with windows of time set for everything that needs to be done with little to no room for error.
As your lovely wife will attest, I have been pulling out my hair with housebreaking the two pups. It’s the first time I have ever seen a breeder include a training DVD and package, and it is a fabulous DVD!I reviewed the Nose To Tail Complete Training Package and it was totally compatible with my training methods.
Not only do my families start their new journey as puppy owners feeling confident that they have the resources to properly train and deal with anything that might otherwise become a big problem, but I have the peace of mind knowing that my puppies will have proper guidance throughout their life to help them show their full potential and become good canine citizens. Set up a dog bed as a personal space for the puppy, and place it in a busy area of the home, such as a corner of the kitchen. They play by biting, but you should discipline the puppy when it nips by saying “No” firmly.
Did you know that if you purchased  a puppy from a breeder registered with the Dog Breeders Association, we'll be pleased to offer you 12 weeks Breeder Choice Insurance FREE. Your new puppy learns what the correct behavior is by asking questions and getting clear, consistent answers from you. You teach him with correct, simple answers to his questions by correctly rewarding him for good behavior. When you do this correctly your puppy “starts wearing his new behavior like a pair of comfortable old shoes.” It’s very much like we all learn.
But each time I begin puppy lessons with a new family, each family’s journey begins—at the beginning.
I came across your website and read an article about a lady who bought a new puppy and it hit home. I am new at this sort of thing, but you (and your training materials) make it a real easy job. I am SO HAPPY that the family had the DVD and written training manual to work with at home, to strengthen what I am teaching them.It is a fabulous DVD and training manual.

You have been great at answering my questions and it’s nice to know my families have a professional trainer they can contact if they have any questions. We can address your puppy’s problems based on the material covered on the puppy training DVD and in the training manual, on your timetable.
She was dealing with everything I was going through so I put in a request and Leila called me first thing in the morning and spent about 40 minutes over the phone offering me advice with a few of the issues I was going through. I want to thank their breeder for being a conscientious breeder who really cares about the family and puppy. They told me about the DVD which I immediately purchased and it’s been a true life saver. It’s great to have this on hand when we (the humans) fail to be consistent and maintain the rules and need to get back to basics.
You can choose between Essential Insurance, which provides protection for up to 12 months following illness or injury, or Essential+ Insurance, which offers ongoing protection covering ongoing illnesses. She said the DVD includes everything that you use when you come out and see dogs one on one so I decided to purchase it and it truly was a lifesaver.
Now that I actually have a puppy to work with, have been able to watch the DVD a few times, and have re-read the manual, now I’m beginning to better understand things, and the training materials have turned out to be absolutely EXCELLENT resources. I dealt with my new puppy crying, screeching, barking and whining whenever she was put in her crate. They are extremely easy to understand and follow through with, and are clear and concise.I would highly recommend the training materials to other new dog owners and to encourage them to make sure their breeder gives them the DVDs.
She kept me up all night for the first week but with persistence and a set schedule like you suggested, she ended up being ok in there and not making a peep whenever placed in the crate.
My new little puppy is well on her way to a structured and happy life, thanks to the training assistance that you’ve offered. They are really making training and learning a real breeze.I think I’m lucky, though, to have such an intelligent puppy.
Every once in a while she will have an accident here and there but for the most part she is doing fantastically.

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