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Cesar millan, the dog whisperer's most controversial topics, Cesar millan, the dog whisperer is very popular for his leader of the pack dog training style. Cesar millan – the good, the bad, and all the rest, Cesar millan is host of the dog whisperer, a popular dog training show on the national geographic channel. The baseball analysts: designated hitter archives, A friend of mine, ross moskowitz, is the director of camp westmont, a beautiful summer camp in the pocono mts.
Because the collar administers painful, traumatizing electronic shocks to your dog, most dog owners consider it a cruel punishment tool instead of an effective training tool. We’ve assembled the different pros and cons of remote dog training collars, so you can evaluate the opposing arguments and make an informed decision for yourself. Remote collars provide the dog with an instant notification that the behavior is undesired by the trainer. Some electronic dog collars have an optional vibration or tone feature that warns the dog that an electronic impulse will follow if she does not correct her behavior. When the remote dog training collar is used with aggressive dogs, it can fuel the unwanted behavior or increase anxiety, which is a common cause of aggression. A trainer who uses a remote dog training collar must know how to adjust the collar in order to avoid causing physical discomfort to the dog.
Similarly, while many of those in favor argue that the shocks do not hurt the dog, electrical impulses not strong enough to cause pain are just ineffective. The remote dog training shock collar is not designed to be a replacement for obedience commands.

If you decide to buy an electronic dog collar, we strongly recommend to choose one which has a vibration or tone feature that warns the dog that an electronic impulse will follow if she does not correct her behavior. One of the many quick fix products to modify a dog’s behavior is the electronic shock collar.
There are a variety of dog training programs available online, each claiming to provide the best dog training methodology. In his television show The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan makes controlling a dog look tremendously easy. The Puppy Institute is a leading source for information on dog training techniques, dog training programs, dog training equipment and general dog care.
Our articles are written by passionate dog owners, dog breeders and dog trainers who are dedicated to improve the lives of both dog owners and their dogs. The collar is linked to a hand held remote control that allows the trainer to send an electronic signal to the collar whenever the dog misbehaves or refuses to follow a training command.
The dog quickly learns commands off the leash and away from the trainer’s direct control, which is especially useful for dogs who are unresponsive to voice or sound commands.
They can be a safer way to control aggressive dogs and reduce the chance of weakening the bond between a dog and her owner provided the dog often does not relate the feeling of discomfort to human influence. Although you can make a prediction based on the fur and the size of the dog, some dogs are naturally more sensitive to pain than others and it is impossible to know how a dog feels. It should only be used to eliminate particular behaviors as overuse will cause fear, anxiety, and a weaker bond between you and your pet.

This type of remote barking collar can even disable the shock feature of the collar, so that the harmful shocks are eliminated.
Rather than seeking the cause of an unwanted behavior, this cruel solution induces painful electronic shocks to your dog to correct his actions. They share techniques and insights that will help you with training your dog the right way and with avoiding techniques & equipment that are harmful to both your dog’s health as your relationship with him. The collar can be used to correct a range of behaviors, including jumping, barking, and digging, and can be used in basic obedience training. For this reason, remote collars should not be used on puppies under the age of six months — which is also the age when dogs are most in the need of training — nor on dogs who are already very nervous, as the device will only accentuate their anxiety. Shocks which are too heavy can cause stress or fear in a dog, while a shock that is too light will be ignored. We strive to maintain a fully truthful and unbiased compendium of original articles, product reviews and training tips, as well as curated articles from other dog related websites.

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