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It is important that all puppies are given the opportunity to develop into happy and well balanced dogs.
The puppy socialisation and puppy training classes for Gosport are run by Ros and are for puppies up to the age of 6 months. This way a puppy will have time to settle into a new class and gradually build up solid foundations for the future.
1.To provide a means of socialising puppies and to lay down a foundation of education and training for all puppies. This course is run by Ros and aims to continue your puppy's education and as an introduction into dog training. Each week, you take home a written information package regarding the material covered in that session. Our puppy classes are always small, they're indoors, and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. If your puppy has got to six or seven months old and missed out on early classes, you can still access this help and puppy training.

You'll learn Walking nicely on the lead, Coming fast when called, How to play effectively, and Meeting other dogs and people calmly. Classes are held in Malvern, Worcester, and Hereford, with people travelling from all over Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, and Herefordshire for this type of puppy and dog training. We have students from Malvern, Worcester, Ledbury, Hereford, Bartestree, Moreton-on-Lugg, Newent, Bosbury, Much Dewchurch, Dymock, Bromyard, Bredenbury, Woolhope, Putley, Trumpet, Stoke Lacy, Tenbury Wells, Fernhill Heath, Droitwich, Stourport, Bewdley, Colwall, Welland, Castlemorton, Defford, Peopleton, Upton-upon-Severn, Redmarley, Apperley, Twyning, Tewkesbury, Strensham, Hartpury, Gloucester. Beverley will come out to you and show you how to train better behaviours, and give you management tips while you are working on this with your dog. Puppies begin learning as soon as they arrive in your home.  Are they developing good habits or bad?  Let us help you train your puppy before problem behaviour is established.
Owners are shown how to get the most out of their relationship with their new companion, and the puppy training methods used are all gentle and crucially involve the puppy being able to make choices.
Trainer is Beverley Courtney, who has a long history of working with dogs, training them and competing with them.
Puppy Classes stress the importance of early socialisation - indeed plenty of experienced dog-owners and vets know how valuable that is and come to class principally for the positive experiences their puppy will enjoy there.

You can arrange follow-up visits, or simply phone or email for guidance while you're working through the protocols. PAWS-ITIVE PUPPIES gives you the tools to assist in shaping your puppy’s attitude in a gentle, positive way.
The emphasis in all our classes is on Life Skills - those things that make life with a dog run smoothly and enjoyably. You've given us the confidence we needed to have a lovely and (mostly!) well-behaved puppy. Aggressive and fearful reactive dogs benefit from individual training to gently reframe their view of the world and build the confidence to be able to attend group classes.

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