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For all of our current announcements, news, events, and training tips, please Like and Follow Dog Training Newcastle on Facebook. If you just do a google search for dog training information you're very likely to be misled. Dogmantics is an amazing site for dog training videos and information including problem solving. Dog Coach Videos - A collection of force free dog training videos on the web in one place!
ASPCA Virtual Pet Behaviorist - Advice about dog behavioural challenges such as anxiety, aggression, barking, food guarding, housetraining, etc.
We regularly post dog training and behaviour tips, photos and videos on our Dog Training Newcastle Facebook page.

We love dogs and feel the best way to have a great relationship with them is educating them using reward based methods only. Here at Barking Mad Dog Training the emphasis is on having a fantastic relationship with your dog, getting your dog to listen and focus on you even when there are other dogs and people about.
If your dog is uncomfortable or too distracted around people or dogs then a one to one session is for you. We promise to achieve great results and we'll do it without ever scaring, hurting, intimidating, or punishing your dog! The positively trained dog still has rules and boundaries, but they are taught without force or fear. There are an awful lot of very damaging trainers, TV shows, books, websites, Youtube videos, Facebook pages and podcasts out there which still recommend dangerous and outdated methods and theories of dominance and punishment.

But not everyone can commit to weekly training classes, here at Barking Mad Dog Training we have designed a workshop where you learn all the basics in one morning. Where we can help your dog, overcome these problems in a more comfortable environment for your dog.
I do offer one to one training and cover a wide variety of behavioural problems so please do get in touch and we can have a chat about the best way forward for you and your dog.

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