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The Puppy Training at Perth Dog Training is held in a class environemnt where will work with you to enable you to understand how to train your puppy, and develop a great relationship and a solid foundation for future training. The puppy training is held in Oakbank Community Centre every Friday evening from 7pm until 8pm. This level of puppy training is for beginners and if you want to do more advanced puppy training, then the Good Citizen Bronze Level is an ideal course which builds on everything you and your puppy will have achieved . If you feel that a group environment is too distracting for your dog, click here to find out more about individual 1-2-1 lessons. Due to the Memorial Day holiday there will be no obedience classes Friday May 27 thru Monday May 30.
Dog training classes for the Greater Dayton Ohio area that include; puppy training classes and socialization classes, obedience classes, and canine enrichment training classes.
Train Your Pup’s dog training philosophy is based on the newest theories of canine and human interaction. We truly believe learning should be fun so our classes do not just include walking around a circle or repetitious exercises.
Unlike many training centers, here at the enrichment centers we keep class sizes small to ensure students receive personal attention and get adequate feedback.
Individualized instruction– you and your dog progress at your own pace and work on the skills you want and need. Teach the Foundation skills you’ll need for more advanced dog activities such as agility, therapy dog, rally obedience and more. Puppy training classes seem like a trend these days but, in reality, they are very much needed for a person who owns a puppy and wants to keep him.
Puppy training classes may seem a bit too much; after all, the dog is just a few weeks old and what mischief can it do?
Classes for puppies that teach basic obedience and commands are highly desirable and recommended by experts. As for good manners, this is a must whether your puppy lives in a large place or a small unit.

Basic training and good manners are usually taught to puppies before they are 5 months old but older dogs with no experience can be taught as well. You might be tempted to enroll your older puppy in a class that teaches tricks and other commands that are outside of basic training. Whatever class you are interested in, there are just a little difference between the basic courses among the training schools. You will get plenty of opportunity to interact with your puppy and be given demonstrations on exercises covering all of the things we want puppies to do !!.Each week you can put these lessons into practise and as the course progesses become more confident in basic dog training skills.
Each class will have a new game that challenges both dog and handler.  These games are intended to keep you and your dogs interested in learning.
Both adult and puppy training classes are held in a clean and professional facility that has been designed to be both inviting and stimulating. Many different states and countries have recently made legislations about pets and animals that a person can have and own.
In these classes, puppies from all walks of life and breeds learn good manners and socialization.
The point of this kind of training is for your dog to behave well when he is out with you or just at home.
This kind of class comes in handy when you like to bring your dog almost everywhere that you go and when he is constantly in contact with other people.
Enrolling them in these kinds of classes may be a sort of enhancement for their personality because some dogs are just born to perform. Some schools require that you puppy be up to date with his health record in order to protect him and the other puppies in the school.
Socialization is important because it helps your dog acclimatize to the different things that might surprise him.
Puppy training classes of this kind will help your dog burn out his excess energy by performing tricks for you. Look for classes that encourage your dog to learn things and trainers that are patient and, themselves, well-trained and skilled.

Proof of rabies vaccination along with parvo, distemper and parainfluenza are the most common requirements that school need.
There are some instances when the puppy is younger when it is separated from the mother and, although, experts do not recommend this, there may be underlying circumstances to the situation.
When he is socialized properly, he will not be easily spooked and learn to expect things from certain situations. The manners that the classes teach will ensure that he behaves well with humans and other dogs and animals. Some owners like to have their dogs trained in this kind of class because they have plans to enter the dog in shows and events that require the dog to perform well. If you intend to bring your dog to shows and events, it may be a good idea to let the trainers know before hand in order for them to understand your intention. The most desirable kind of teaching method is the reward based one so check with the school if they use this.
At 8 weeks old, the puppy should be eating dog food already and is basically independent from its parent and siblings. It is the new owners who should strive to look for suitable obedience training classes for their new puppies in order to socialize them well and help the dogs learn good manners.
There are some classes where the training staff can train your puppy but it is worth your while to be present during each session.
Most, if not all obedience training, encourage the owner to be present and actively participate during training.

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