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Canine kids® is owned and managed by Karen Lockey-Kennedy who is a highly experienced and fully qualified dog trainer and behaviourist and is also chief instructor for the company.
Karen has worked with internationally renowned Sarah Whitehead for 8 years running three of the leading branches of the previously known Alpha Puppy Classes and Pet Behaviour. Karen and her team run training centres in Camberley, Godalming and Farnham area and do one to one training and behaviour councelling through out Surrey, areas of Berkshire and Hampshire. Emma has been working with Canine kids ® for four years and is now Co-Instructing the Puttenham Puppy Classes, Guildford Puppy classes and Agility.
APDT 01271 Annie has been assisting at the Camberley branch for 5 years and is currently finishing her BSc Hons Degree in Applied Animal Behaviour.
Louise joined Canine Kids 4 years ago after completing Pup1 and Pup2 classes with her puppy. Amy joined Canine kids a year and a half ago she is studying her degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare.Amy has trained at our Puttenham venue with Karen.

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After completing her honours degree in Animal Behaviour and Biomedical Science, Karen went on to complete an advanced diploma in Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training through COAPE.
All members of the APDT are assesed and train under a strict code of practise because they believe in modern, kind and gentle methods. She also used to be a tutor for Alpha Education OCN accredited courses for new trainers and behaviour counsellors.
Louise has a natural flare for training and is now a trainee Instructor at our Sunday morning class in Seale.
Amy has just started her own dog walking and dog sitting business called the Fox and Hounds and has recently moved to Suffolk.
Now 37, Karen's ambitions and success led her to branch out with her own team of trainers and launched Canine Kids® in July 2009.

Karen has a strong passion for her job and ultimately wants the best for every dog and family that comes through her doors. Karen feels very strongly against punitive heavy handed methods and believes if we have our dogs as companions and part of the family they should be treated that way.
As Tina is young she will benefit from attending training classes to ensure she grows into a well mannered adult.

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