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They certainly act differently, but they don’t require different ways of teaching, they may take longer though. It doesn’t mean they’re finished by any means, it means that they’ve started the first step, in terms of the owner getting on top of stuff.
The main reason is that if using the lead is unpleasant then walking becomes unpleasant and if the puppy doesn’t come when its called, it never gets any free time off the lead. Before making any decisions, it should be know that adopting a dog does involve a financial commitment. For example, a Beagle may take longer than a Labrador, but it can still do things that a Labrador can, it just might take a little longer.
Putting on a lead, not coming when called and jumping all over things when they come into the house. If the puppy is jumping around the house then it just gets locked away when visitors come to the house. It’s very common to go to a person’s house and see the dog get locked away in the bathroom or outside because they just can’t sit down and relax. Carefully consider the costs of food, veterinary care, pet toys and beds, grooming and even boarding at a kennel if you go on vacation every year.

A dog will affect your life in a multitude of ways, and will become a long-term commitment, as dogs live between seven and 15 years - possibly longer. Instead of rushing into it, it's wise to go through the following checklist of questions to ask yourself before adopting a dog.
If you had a puppy that wasn’t able to sit for most of the day, to be able to sit and stay, or lie down and stay – it’s brilliant!
The money you pay a shelter or rescue group may be used in part to offset their costs of caring for many animals.
It may also cover the cost of vaccinating, spaying or neutering, microchipping, or de-worming the dog you take home.
If you're currently a student or in the military, or if your job requires a great deal of travel, this might not be the right time to adopt or rescue a dog.
Some shelters or rescue groups may ask more for a female than a male, because of the higher cost of spaying versus neutering. Puppy adoption may come with higher fees than adult dogs because of the cost of the initial rounds of vaccinations. And some organizations may cut adoption fees in half for senior or special needs dogs, as an incentive to families to adopt these hard-to-place dogs.

If you decide on a specific breed, do your research on that breed and make sure you can meet its needs.
If you decide on a puppy rather than an older dog, do some research on housebreaking and obedience training and make sure you're up for the tasks. Older dogs may seem to be less adorable, but are likely to be house-trained and socialized by the time they come to you. A puppy has to empty its bladder every two to four hours, and there will be accidents before it's trained. Housebreaking a puppy requires someone to be home for much of the day, and to get up several times during the night.

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