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PuTTY Key Generator is able to create both public and private keys, but the first step you need to take is to choose the type of key to be generated and here you have three options: SSH-1, SSH-2 (both are RSA specific) or SSH-2 DSA. It is also important to customize the strength of the key, which is given by the number of bits in the output – the higher the amount, the stronger the key. The success and completion of the process depends on the random data that is necessary for the delivery of the key and as such, you are asked to move the mouse around a blank area in order to include as much random information as possible. Prior to saving the key, it is recommended that you secure it with a passphrase that should be strong enough in order to prevent decryption from an outside party. Overall, PuTTY Key Generator paves the way to secure SSH authentications by generating RSA or DSA keys with an adjustable size. This post will (attempt) to explain what SSH and PuTTY are so that as a user you understand the terminology of AWS and so that you can be productive in the environment. In the early days, not that long ago really, of networking, very simple tools were used to work with remote computers: telnet as a console, ftp for file copying, rsh for remote command execution and others. SSH is an attempt (quite successful) to fix those insecurities without making things anymore complex than they need to be. SSH offers multiple modes of connecting but for the purposes of AWS, we will talk about key based access. When an instance starts up for the first time, EC2 copies the ssh key that you created to the proper directory on the remote server. You tell PuTTY to connect to a remote server and, as long as your keys are configured, it will connect you.

For command line syntax and configuration, take a look at the documentation at the link above. Save the file to the location that PuTTY has been configured to look in for it’s keys. Thanks a lot for the info however it doesn’t actually tell me how I setup Putty to work with AWS. Within the main window, you will find a well-organized set of options that aren’t difficult to operate. At this point, you are ready to initiate the generation engine and your intervention might be required in doing so.
The client will ask for some information proving that the server really is who it says it is. The SSH protocol has evolved over the years, and will probably evolve even more in the future, but it is currently running a very secure form of encryption. This is one of those irritating things that would burn an hour (or more) trying to figure out on your own. For best practices in implementing SSH, I strongly recommend a book dedicated to hardening *nix (Linux, Unix, Solaris, etc). They were client server in that a software component needed to run on both the local machine (client) and the remote machine (server). However, SSH is not really a command shell, it is rather a protocol that encrypts communications.

It’s a non-graphical command line tool that provides a window which executes a command shell on the remote system. If you really want to understand the technical details, I really do recommend that you purchase a book. The first time you connect to a server, the client won’t have that information available so it will prompt you to vertify that the server is legitimate. If you are using Windows, however, you either need to install CyWin (a unix environment that runs in windows), or you’ll want to get PuTTY. If you intercepted the little data packages that were being routed around the network (with a sniffer for example), you would be able to extract the login credentials. If the host then asks for a password, you key did not work and something is not configured properly.
In my experience, it will probably be that your client key file is not in the place your client is expecting it to be.

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