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Here’s some inspiration for employing textured backgrounds in your paintings or mixed media collages. The above examples were done in watercolor, whereas those below were done with acrylics.  First, apply a layer of one color, let dry, then apply a second layer and press plastic before the paint dries.
Taking the plastic wrap technique a step further, you can also use bubble-wrap textures to create patterned circles.
You can do this by either pressing the bubble wrap directly into the wet paint, OR by using a brayer to get the paint on the surface, then pressing the wrap onto your painting. Spattered paint can also create wonderful textures.  You can do this by simply loading your brush and hitting it against your other hand, or you can apply smaller spatters in more detailed areas by using a toothbrush dipped in paint, then pulling your thumb across the bristles to release the wet paint. For more controlled effects with spattering, you can utilize stencils, (you can also use stencils with the sponging technique) to create hard-edged forms and patterns.  Stencils can be the type bought for decorative (tole) painting, or you can create your own stencils by cutting out shapes in heavy-weight paper, such as bristol board.

You can partially obscure text by first covering the pages with acrylic medium or modge-podge, put a layer of paint, then rub off paint where desired. Practice combining techniques on various types of paper, store your papers til they are needed.  The papers can then be cut or torn into various shapes when the right project comes along! Palette-Knife painting is a great way to create thickly textured (impasto) effects.  You can use either a palette knife or a putty knife to add paint to the surface (canvas or panel), or to subtract paint, scraping pack to previous layers.
Acrylics dry quickly, so make sure that your mixture of paint is very fluid, then firmly press the plastic into the paint before it dries. Great tips I can use when making my mom’s Christmas present which will be a nice abstract painting! I am as crazy about colors and textures as you are and I feel blessed to have come across you to be able to learn so many techniques. I paint images of women, birds and the natural world, often in a symbolic context, and utilizing mixed media techniques.

Then leave the plastic in the paint until it is dry or almost dry.  (The underground color is the part where the creases are).
I like to build up the surface of the canvas or wood with thickened gesso, copper, sand, glass, or any thing else that appears interesting. I was going nuts about trying to understand as to how artists bring about such amazing background designs. By creating deep highs and lows, it suggests a feeling or direction I want the painting go in. Putty Knives - Stanley 680-28-540 - Stanley Scrapers & Putty KnivesClick Here !!!12 pack previous in putty knives next in putty knivesClick Here !!!

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