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Teaching shapes to kids is something that can be very easy, if you are armed with a collection of great ideas. In order for us to bring you great content for free, our blog receives money from ads and affiliate links. Back when Little Bear was a toddler if somebody told me I should do practical life activities from the Montessori method with my toddler I would have said, “What is practical life in Montessori?” Luckily, I have since learned quite a bit about the Montessori methods, and I really appreciate the practical life activities.
I bought this water bottle ice cube tray to make homemade bathtub crayons, but I am constantly surprised at how many times I have used it since then.
Check out our store page where our toddler and preschool series are compiled into Activity Packs for only $1.99! It took me awhile to find practical life trays that were developmentally appropriate for Smiley Man, so I thought I would share some of the fruits of my labors with you.

Have your toddler transfer the gems one by one with their fingers into the other container. I want Smiley Man to learn how to fold washcloths this young, but he just can’t get it (See the trays with folding washcloths here.
They will help teach shapes to a child that doesn’t know them, or they will reinforce the shapes your child already knows. Smiley still puts more than one pompom into an opening sometimes, but other than that, he loves this practical life activity. For some reason, Smiley Man seemed to do much better with one-to-one correspondence when he did this activity, then he did with the pompoms in the ice cube tray.
If you ever looked for a shape activity, then look no further because this post has a roundup of all my shape activities as well as several more.

Also, he sometimes likes to pour the gems into the other container, which I let him do because pouring is an important practical life skill to learn too.
He also really liked the sound the crayons made when he dropped them into the water bottle ice cube tray.
We first did this activity with our Winter tot trays, but it continues to be one of Smiley’s favorites. A lot of the rice ends up on the tray, but since it is on a tray, it is pretty easy to clean up.

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