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For reasons known only to Mother Nature, each area of the country in which our family testers put this product through its paces, experienced prolonged bouts of rain. When we initially opened the box and took everything out, all my girls could say was, “Wow”!
This set was great especially for Kiana (3 years old) because it helped her with identifying different shapes and colors. This post was written for Tier Toys who provided the complimentary item for review in return for my honest opinions.
A Hawaii Mommy Blogger since 2006 sharing product reviews, giveaways, local family friendly events, parenting resources, and her daily life as she raises 3 young girls in paradise. Reviewers at An Island Life are sent a complimentary item in exchange for their honest opinions and receiving a free product does not influence their review posts. Occasionally, the company provides a product to give away as well as monetary compensation.
Welcome to the famous MPMK Gift Guides and congrats on finding the most comprehensive and easy-to-use kids’ gift guide on the internet!
Also, I do my best throughout the year to keep our readers up-to-date on any sales I see on our gift guide items.
This open-ended toy provides hands-on experiences with early math concepts such as sorting, counting, number sense, patterning, and beginning addition and subtraction. The pie has a removable sorting tray that allows children to sort and count the 60 fruits and veggies in many ways.
The first thing to say about this toy is, of course, not to leave a child alone with it if they still put things in their mouth.
These puzzles are really gorgeous and so different from the standard puzzles you’ll find at most big box stores. The leapreader has been a leader amongst educational toys since it’s debut, and with good reason. The entire line of single player puzzle games from SmartGames gets such stellar reviews that it was hard not to recommend all of them! I particularly like how this particular toy combines fine motor skills with pattern recognition AND adds a great dramatic play element.
Similar to Soduku but made much for fun with the addition of yummy looking chocolate pieces, this single player logic game challenges players (or teams of players) to figure out where to place all of the chocolates on the board according to visual cues. Perplexus looks like one of those games that you just can’t help but pick up and play when it’s sitting on a table in front of you and, judging by the massive amounts of positive reviews, it is.
An innovative and award-winning children’s publication that focuses on the arts and sciences, it includes topics and themes that children have a natural curiosity about, such as the human body, Earth, animals, and nature.
I should mention that one of our very favorite quiet time toys, blocks and building toys, are not included on this list. Also, I’m doing my best this year to keep our readers up-to-date on any sales I see on our gift guide items. Quiet time is an ideal for young kids to practice their reading and writing skills and, with fun toys like these, they’ll be jumping at the chance to do so. I picked up this set of laminated mats with special erasable crayons for my son when his interest in writing was just starting to pick up, around age 4. Instead of using flashcards (blech), I like to sneak in letter learning wherever I can – on blocks, through stamps, foam letters in the bath, to paint with, etc. I’m a big fan of leaving books all over the house for the kids to discover pretty much from birth. We’re big on engaging activities that develop critical thinking skills, which is why I was psyched to add this list of single player games to the gift guides.
I love the idea of having an array of logic games that challenge different skills for my kids to choose from during quiet time.
Kids absolutely love marble runs (see above), which is why it is so smart that the goal of this single player logic game is to create a working 3D marble run.
This single player game takes it to the next level by using chess moves to solve logic puzzles. This is one of the rare picks on the list I didn’t buy because I asked my favorite game manufacturer, Thinkfun, to send it to me (and they gladly obliged since their other games like Laser Maze, Rush Hour, and Robot Turtles have been such huge hits on the gift guides in years past). This is the second of the the three Thinkfun games I requested for my kiddos this year (the third was Laser Maze Jr.).

Share724 Pin15 Tweet EmailShares 739Let’s just preface all of this by saying, I LOVE MY KIDS.
We’ve talked to real moms and rounded up your favorite products and toys (in no particular order) to promote quiet time and independent learning! Needless to say, the weather encouraged playroom reenactments of the story of Noah’s ark.
Even I was surprised at how many pieces came in this huge set which included 44 play figures & 11 storage levels. First, she put all the animals in pairs and then tried to figure out which storage layer they belonged to by looking at their overall shape.
Place the sorting cards into the bottom of the pan to provide visual cues that support success. We got it for our son when he was 4 and he played with it quite a bit until his little old sister took it over. It has a basic setup, perfect for travel, consisting of a clear writing and drawing surface that allows you to slide blank or preprinted template cards beneath the window.
The game gets amazingly high reviewsand I love that the chocolate pieces are extremely enticing to both boys and girls. Players will build sequential reasoning and planning skills while working on reflecting and splitting the laser beam using mirrors and targets on a puzzle grid to reach their goal.
My pre-readers and emerging-reader will spend up to an hour perusing engaging picture books trying to glean information from them on their own or making up their own narratives. Kids have always loved (and will always love) building cool structures and watching marbles spin and drop down them.
Thinkfun is going to be sending this one to us this year and I know my 6 year old son, who is unusually drawn to spatial planning activities, is going to be thrilled to receive it. It’sthe perfect thing for practicing emerging chess skills when there’s no one available to play with, as one reviewer wrote, “WOW!
Progressively difficult pattern cards are laid over the base and neon pieces are then placed on top of them to create a circuit.
I love spending time with them and engaging in interactive lesson, games and conversations. These are tried and true products that our kids ACTUALLY sit and quietly play, with minimal clean up!
Reusable Sticker Books  – Everyone loves a good sticker, and these are great because they are reusable.
Pattern Blocks – ALL my kids, ranging in age from 1 to school age love this toy for different reasons.
Testers took the 44 animals out of the ark, matched them up in pairs, marched them two by two onto the ark, then carefully placed them back in their appropriate place.
Basically, you need to match the animals to their shapes in the storage levels and then stack the levels in their proper order. We also played a game by identifying each animal (which is not as easy as it seems) and the sounds they make.
We are not responsible for those who purchase these items and experience different results.
You see, one of the big things I learned about making sure all my kids felt loved once the baby arrived was the importance of just 10 minutes a day of one-on-one time with each of them.
It’ll give your kids tons of tools to keep them occupied and you a handy place to store them all when they’re done. Jumbo tweezers are included to reinforce fine motor skills needed for handwriting and the top crust can be used as a storage bowl when sorting. This play set expands on that idea by adding in multicolored mini muffins, dice, and cards that can be placed inside the muffin tin for sorting and math purposes.
My kids love peeling them all off and rearranging them in the various settings over and over.
The board comes with five double-sided templates, offering your child a total of 10 different activities. The board will retain an image indefinitely without power until it is erased with the touch of a button – and a friendly flash from the liquid crystal display.

This game has been featured by NPR, Bloomberg, Make: Magazine, Boing boing, TechCrunch, Reddit, Geekmom, Geekdad and essentially lets kids write programs with playing cards.
It was one of the first single-player logic games, other than Castle Logix, to really grab the attention of my daughter and keep it. Plus I love that it’s battery-free and completely self-contained within the sphere so there aren’t any pieces to get lost. I’ve seen magnet toys using these same curve and line shapes but I think my kids would prefer the satisfaction of physically snapping the pieces together.
This is a perfect game to play alone or with others so it can be used for quiet time or playdates plus it’s great developmentally for fine motor skills, critical thinking skills, spatial awareness and more. Diffuse a little Lavender oil, put on a little Yanni, and you have the ultimate quiet and relaxation time for everyone! It is, essentially, magnetic sand and has about the coolest consistency you’ve ever felt. This simple toy gets tons and tons of glowing reviews from parents like this, “My two-and-a-half year old has a blast with this.
Assemble the wooden blocks and towers to match the challenges included in the booklet.With simple challenges for inexperienced builders to complex puzzles that will challenge skilled architects, these puzzles serve to develop logical thinking skills and spatial reasoning abilities.
An additional four-page instruction booklet includes ideas for over 25 additional games and learning exercises. It’s made by ThinkFun which is one of our favorite producer of high quality games for kids. My only caution is to be careful of small marbles that can be a choking hazard to young kids who still like to put things in their mouths, including younger siblings who may be nearby. From the manufacturer, “This gravity powered logic maze is sure to put your visual perception and reasoning skills to the test. Invented by world-famous composer and cellist, Philip Sheppard, Compose Yourself combines a set of Music Cards with an exclusive website to allow you to create, play and share your own world-class composition. She understands sorting by color or fruit type and she is content doing so for up to an hour at the dining room table while I make dinner. These books are one of the most popular items on my gift guides each year because they pack in so much bang for your buck. The true genius of this, though, is that you can print literally thousands of worksheets and activity page off of pinterest or your favorite educational sites and instantly turn them into re-usable sheets.
Thecolorful, translucent towers can be arranged in a plethora of visually stimulating structures but, for each challenge, you’ll have to think carefully to build a path that will successfully carry your marble to its target.
The 60 transparent Music Cards, each containing a series of notes, are like building blocks for music, and can be arranged to form over a billion musical combinations.
The game builds planning, sequential reasoning and problem solving skills along with more complex coding concepts such as loops and conditional branching. And if you’re looking for permanent stickers, Melissa & Doug also makes some really fabulous books for that too- my kids especially love the Make-a-Face Sticker Pad and the Make-a-Meal Sticker Pad. Simply select and arrange several of the cards, then register online to hear your melody played by virtuoso percussionist Evelyn Glennie accompanied by a full symphony orchestra. I am really intrigued to see what my son will do with it after he opens it up Christmas morning! I do recommend you purchase the little platter that comes with some kits as it helps to contain the sand. The website will allow you to flip, rotate and swap cards so that you can change your melody until you love what you hear. When you’re done, download an mp3, print music and share with your friends and social networks.

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