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Design can be lifted and lowered like a normal toilet seat for easy access and easy cleaning. The Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat raises an existing toilet seat 3 inches for the user to easily sit and stand. The Hinged Toilet Seat Riser fulfills the need for added height with the convenience and comfort of using the existing toilet seat. If you need a raised toilet seat this one is functional, comfortable and the least obvious one we have seen. Apex® offers a complete line of quality medication compliance, first aid and eye and ear care products. Carex® features a complete selection of mobility products to help our consumers maintain a more active and independent lifestyle.
Carex® Bath Safety products are designed to add safety to the bathroom which can be the most dangerous room in the house. Carex® Personal Care products and aids to daily living allow for more freedom and independence with daily needs.
A plastic toilet seat raiser that makes using the toilet easier for people with mobility issues.

Ergonomically designed and produced from high quality plastic with a comfortable contoured surface, which is easy to clean and maintain. Features smooth surface finish and contoured shape for extra comfort, and plastic lid to give a more discreet and conventional solutions.
Raised Toilet Seat is designed to fit the vast majority of toilets and is adjustable to ensure a good secure fit.
All the convenience of a standard toilet seat with the added comfort of a raised padded seat and lid. The Lite has the same benefits as the traditional Mowbray Toilet Frame, with a modernised higher seat and shorter chute.
A contoured plastic toilet seat that has an increased diameter to make it suitable for larger users. A toilet frame with extra width between arms, ideal for providing easier access to the toilet.
This toilet raising block made from polyurethane, injected foam and sanitised PVC, is hygienic and protects against bacteria. This toilet seat riser is installed using the existing toilet seat and cover and does not significantly change the appearance of the toilet.

Because of the hinged feature, cleaning is much easier than with other elevated toilet seats.
Carex Raised Seats are available in multiple heights, with and with out arms, elevators, hinged and locking options to accommodate all needs.
Caregivers will find this toilet seat riser is easy to install with the included hardware kit.
Choose from the Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat Standard for round toilet bowls, or The Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat Elongated for model. All rights in the intellectual property contained in this website including copyright, trademarks, trade secret and patent rights are reserved. All materials contained on this Site are subject to the ownership rights of our supplier partners.

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