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Does anyone remember those “I ran into Tammy Faye Baker at the mall” t-shirts back in the day? One of the biggest cliches in the world of youtube and world wide videos: filming yourself putting on makeup. Granted a lot of these people are cuties, but does it really serve any other purpose than attention seeking and an ego boost to read of how ‘hot’ and sexy people think you are?
Michelle Phan is overrated (imo), its nice that she knows how to apply makeup but I have seen other youtube users who clearly surpass her in terms of original ideas and level of skill and they never make it to the front page.
She pulls some serious make-up sorcery (NOT photoshoppery) to appear just like an anime character. I think that it looks awesome in so many ways my sister loves doing eye makeup so ill be showing her this video!!
I’m a woman who looves to try different looks and these makeup-gurus like Michelle here give a lot of inspiration and good advice on makeup.

And I think her Sailor Moon is very nice, not exactly how I would do it, but totally sweet.
Kinda reminds me of Valeria Lukyanova, the real life Barbie girl we covered a few months back. As I understand you are a man and I guess you wouldn’t understand how fun playing with makeup can be for women.
This here is costume makeup, but she has a lot of pretty daytime look videos and scin care tutorials. She’s never claimed these ideas to be original and has said she is simply sharing tips. Both ladies are from the Ukraine so, naturally, I’m starting to wonder: what the f*** is in their water? Anastasiya was kind enough to provide a video tutorial of her make up process, so you can also be a real life anime girl, too.

If you don’t know who he is, he has a office here in Japan, NYC, London, LA and Milan. Finest, I mean the late Kevyn Aucoin (he started his career), Laura Mercier, even Ayako from Nars. Nothing every does, but she has a long career ahead of her and youtube is just the beginning.

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