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With any pop up book you will need supervision to have it last but the key in Potty Training is you will not need many books, just a few to create interest and make the conection in the child’s mind.
See how the baby fits into each scene in this simple story and turn the picture over for a satisfying surprise at the end.
TheBABYBJRN Potty Chair is ergonomically designed with soft shapes, having toddler girls in mind! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
This personalized potty training story helps children become comfortable with using the potty, as his or her parents give encouragement along the way!

And your child will learn very fast that on the last page, you turn the piece the opposite way, revealing a new image of the baby holding toilet paper! It features a high back, comfortable armrests, and plenty of leg room all of which has made it a hit with both children and parents. Thispink potty chairalso has an inner potty that is easily removed for emptying and cleaning. The book goes through steps: purchasing a potty, teaching animals (demonstration), visting with your potty, and wearing underwear. The cute pop-ups will have your child focused and if read on the potty, hopefully will allow for a little more sitting time!

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