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Early Childhood Montessori Credential (3-6 years old), graduation expected December 2015 – Summit Montessori Teaching Training Institute. Autumn volunteered in child care as a teen and has worked as a teachers assistant in the past at Creative Minds Montessori. Early Childhood Credential (3-6 years old) – The Center for Guided Montessori Studies. Florida Department of Children and Families – 40 hours, Staff Credential, Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) teacher, many continued education hours in a variety of early childhood education topics. Erica, originally from Chicago, fell in love with Montessori as a parent. After not finding a good fit working in traditional child care, she found herself very drawn to working Montessori classroom. 7+ years of experience in Montessori classrooms as a substitute teacher in infant, toddler, and primary. Served as a faculty member for the teacher training center she taught Montessori Philosophy, Sensorial Studies and Parent Education. Early Childhood Credential (3-6 years old) -The National Montessori Teaching Certificate from the American Montessori Society. Walked into Nike stores a few times but couldn’t find a pair of LeBron James shoes that suits your needs?
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James grew up in Woodbury, MN attending several Montessori schools throughout childhood including Woodbury Montessori (3-4 years old), Nokomis Montessori School (Kindergarten), J.J.
Sarah has a passion for creating environments and learning opportunities that give children the space and freedom to grow and blossom while feeling confident and secure.

Autumn grew up homeschooling, loves learning, and is very passionate about living a happy and healthy lifestyle. Karen brings eight years of experience as a lead teacher in Montessori toddler and primary environments. Kayla attended Summit Questa Montessori School in Davie, Florida from preschool through eighth grade.
Sonia loves to cook, sing, clean, and spend time with her children.  She attends Life Church where she is actively involved in a group that advocates for victims of human trafficking. Pam began teaching at Florence Foster Montessori School in Chicago, IL in 1986 where she taught until 1989 when she moved to Fort Myers.  Ms. Kennise graduated from our school at age six and then later volunteered as an assistant teacher in her mother’s classroom (Toddler Lead Teacher Ms. She looks forward to learning more about Montessori method of education and incorporating it at home with her daughter,  Josephine. Katie is excited for the opportunity to share her passion for working with infants and toddlers, and continue to gain experience in the area of child development. Kate love for teaching started in college while working with her theatre department’s Theatre For Young Audiences program, where she aided children 8-13 in better expressing their creativity through theatre. Alison has over 40 years of Montessori experience as a teacher, Founder of the Merrimack Valley Montessori School in Salem, New Hampshire, and the Academic Dean of Greenspring Montessori School in Lutherville, Maryland. We are so excited to have such a experienced lover of Montessori to substitute.
By the time of this writing, there are 22 latest LeBron James footwear available in Nike online stores for men, women, guys, girls, and kids. She is an avocate of environmental sustainably and trys to have a positive impact on her surroundings. She is currently enrolled in the Summit Montessori Teacher Training Institute and will be carrying out her year long internship at the Montessori School of Fort Myers.
Pam has taught at Montessori School of Fort Myers since 1990 as an assistant teacher and is a strong presence in the classroom.  She loves working with our children and is very skilled in keeping her classroom running in good order. Soon after moving to South Florida she found her love of teaching at a small Montessori school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida before joining our school in 2013. She is fascinated by the Montessori way of life and looks forward to partnering with others who share in this philosophy of education. After graduating, Kate began working for Gulfshore Playhouse in Naples as a teaching artist, exposing Title I school children to theatre for the first time.

LeBron James collections most famous collar iD are “What we do in life” and “He who conqvers endvres MMIII”. James has served for three years as a Sunday school teacher (1st – 3rd graders), six years as a snowboard instructor (11 – 13 year olds), one year as a teaching assistant at the University of Florida, has served as an occasional guest speaker at Florida International University several times from 2009-2013, and now works full time in education for Montessori School of Fort Myers. She is eager to learn more about how the Montessori school system works.  Her passion as a teacher is to see her students grow as independent learners.
Kennise has a remarkable aptitude for working with young children having learned the Montessori method from her mother for so many years. Her nurturing spirit and love of young children makes her a wonderful addition to our Infant program.
She later gained experience in the preschool world as a lead teacher in a 24-36 months classroom.
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Livia loves spending quality time with her family and her granddaughter.  She likes reading, gardening trying new foods, and is very active with her bible classes. Kate is excited to be working in Montessori and can’t wait to learn alongside the children. No worry if you are dying for a pair of distinctive shoes because now you can make your own LeBron James shoes with NIKEid Customize Shoes online program. Well, you can put your personal iD or leave it blank if you don’t like the default options.
Kennise attended Montessori teacher training and was promoted to Lead teacher in Fall of 2014. Under the shoe title, it explains whether the shoe is for men, women, or toddler with a price tag.
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