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We accommodate same day deliveries and pickups, extended contracts, weekend rentals, rentals beyond one week, early morning deliveries and almost any other option you desire. Though some reasons are more obvious than others, for most occasions renting a portable toilet is a really practical, cheap, and clean way to deal with your customers, guests, or employees need of restroom facilities. Give us more details on what you need, tell us what kind of equipment you're interested in renting, how many you're looking to rent, and what the rental is for. Typically delivery of restrooms & equipment is much cheaper on weekdays or non-holiday periods. Nearly all portable toilet companies charge a minimum fee to rent a portable toilet, so regardless if you only need it for a day or a whole month the price will be around the same.
If you've just rented a portable toilet long term you restroom will be serviced the following week from when it was dropped off.
Whether you need temporary heating for your construction site, or you need air conditioning for your special event, On Site can provide you with the portable heating and air conditioning rentals that you will require. We can provide heating and air conditioning for tents, weddings, construction sites and home renovations.
Luxury Restroom Trailers are perfect for special events, weddings, and VIP areas of concerts. On Site can provide you with quality portable restrooms for both construction and special events. We specialize in a range of portable heater rental options such as: direct fired heaters, enclosed flame heaters, ground thawing, electric space heaters and convection heaters.
Mobile Air Conditioning can provide comfortable climate control for construction and special events, as well as dehumidification for job sites.
On Site Companies has provided superior portable restroom and temporary heating and cooling options for the construction industry for years. We can help you plan your special day with our range of restroom, temporary heating and air conditioning options for weddings. Special event planning can be a lot of work, which is why we offer a variety of equipment rentals. We also offer a product line of portable heating and air conditioning solutions that includes: ground thaw heaters, direct fired heaters, enclosed flame heaters and portable air conditioners that are for rent in all the areas that we serve. Advice on mistakes to avoid if you're planning on having portable restrooms at your special event. Our Standard Special Event Portable Restrooms are always delivered clean and sanitized to provide a clean space for your guests.
Our Enhanced Access Portable Restrooms feature hand rails and larger spaces to accommodate guests that may need the extra space and amenities. Our Baby Changing Stations can provide your guests with a clean and private place to change your baby’s diaper or just take care of anything your children may need.

If you need a little help deciding how many portable restrooms you need, use our handy porta potty calculator and get the answer. On Site’s Special Event Sanitation Packages come with various options that can fit several sizes of events and different accessibility options. The Trio Instant Party Package consists of One Standard Portable Restroom, One Hand Washing Station and One Cardboard Trash Box.
The Quad Instant Party Package consists of Two Standard Portable Restrooms, One Hand Washing Station and One Cardboard Trash Box.
The Accessibility Instant Party Package consists of One Enhanced Access Portable Restrooms, One Hand Washing Station and One Cardboard Trash Box. The Special Event Hand Washing Station provides something a little more than hand sanitizer.
The SaniSink Hot Water Hand Washing Station can provide your special event with a hot water hand washing station.
The Cardboard Trash and Recycling Box are a cost effective way for hosts to provide adequate trash and recycling receptacles at your special event.
Misting fans are great for special events that may not be able to have air conditioning cool down visitors.
Our Grey Water Holding Tanks can be rented for special events to hold waste water produced by restroom facilities as well as food preparation.
We handle sanitation for special events, parties, construction sites, movie locations and sporting events. From Cloverdale to Sausalito, if you have a jobsite that needs portable toilets, we've got you covered.
We can provide you with standard portable restrooms, enhanced access restrooms, hand washing stations and many more accessories to make your event a success. Restroom amenities include: flushing toilets, running water sinks, heating and air conditioning, and wood cabinetry. This equipment is perfect for job sites and special events, as well as rehabilitation projects. We offer standard portable restrooms, fresh flush systems, temporary heating and portable air conditioning. We have several luxury restroom trailers, portable restrooms, and heating and cooling options for tents and non-climate controlled venues. We have portable restrooms for rent, as well as luxury restroom trailers and temporary heating and air conditioning equipment. Once again it was exciting to celebrate this summer tradition with great music, good food and lots of fun. They are the same size of as our enhanced access unit, so you will have plenty  of space to do what you need to do.

From our Trio package (which includes one standard portable restroom, one hand wash station and one cardboard trash box) to our Accessibility Plus Package (which includes one standard portable restroom, one enhanced acccess portable restroom unit, one hand wash station and one cardboard trash box), On Site can provide an affordable package to fit your sanitation needs. They are easily transportable and can have covers purchased to designate whether they should be used for trash or recycling. These fans spray a light mist of water along with moving air to allow you to cool people down when it gets hot at your event.
This large misting fan can be used for large special events where you want to cool down large numbers of people in a single area. Our porta potties are well maintained with our state of the art service trucks which include the latest in portable toilet cleaning technology. If you have any questions, please ask our sales reps about which equipment is right for you. We can provide you with portable restrooms, shower trailers, hand washing stations and temporary heating and air conditioning. Louis Missouri and Omaha Nebraska offers a wide range of portable sanitation solutions to fit your every need. I want you to know how much I appreciate your leadership in this year’s Party of a Higher Order with portable toilets. Since it is required for food vendors to provide hot water hand washing for all people handling food, the SaniSink can provide you with the required equipment. These work great for fairs, carnivals, concerts and weddings to bring the air temperature down. We have products to fit your construction site or special event and our solutions vary for any job. I am very grateful to everyone who helped to make our fourteenth annual block party an overwhelming success. For your construction site, On Site Companies can provide a range of portable restrooms, including standard porta potties, hook units, high rise units and mobile units, as well as hand wash stations and hot water SaniSinks.
For your special events, our offerings range from our standard special event portable restrooms and hand wash stations, to our full line of luxury restroom trailers and shower trailers.
Our luxury restroom trailers and shower trailers come equipped with running water sinks, flush toilets and heating and air conditioning solutions.

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