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Whatever the occasion may be, there are a lot of logistics to consider when planning that big outdoor event in your backyard or on your property. While simply inviting guests to use your home’s bathrooms may seem like the obvious choice, there are actually a lot of benefits to renting a porta potty unit or two. Variety: Are you expecting guests in wheelchairs or elderly guests who have trouble getting around? As you can see, going the porta potty route versus inviting guests to use your home’s facilities has its benefits, both for you and the individuals hosting the event and for the guests themselves. We supply weddings, parties, events, businesses with high end flushing restroom trailers in and around Santa Rosa.
Though some reasons are more obvious than others, for most occasions renting a portable toilet is a really practical, cheap, and clean way to deal with your customers, guests, or employees need of restroom facilities.

Give us more details on what you need, tell us what kind of equipment you're interested in renting, how many you're looking to rent, and what the rental is for.
Typically delivery of restrooms & equipment is much cheaper on weekdays or non-holiday periods. Nearly all portable toilet companies charge a minimum fee to rent a portable toilet, so regardless if you only need it for a day or a whole month the price will be around the same. If you've just rented a portable toilet long term you restroom will be serviced the following week from when it was dropped off. While it might be hard getting into your home to use the restroom, today there are porta potty units designed for the handicapped. By renting porta potties, you can actually forego cleaning not just your home’s bathrooms, but to your entire home itself.

Why make guests hike all the way back up to your home to use the restroom when there’s a much closer, more convenient option just steps away? For information on planning your outdoor event, and how many portable restroom units you’ll need, visit our event planning guide. By renting these units for the big event, you can rest assured that Grandma and Great Aunt Millie can get to where they need to be at no hassle when it’s time to go.

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