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Potty training is a tricky business that can end up being a downright debacle without the right training pants. Blueberry Trainers are designed to build your child’s confidence by feeling like real underwear while still having partial waterproof qualities. We love the Charlie Banana 2-in-1 training pants since they double as a reusable swim diaper! Target is now carrying 2 of the training pants swim diapers in exclusive prints, Cherry Blossom and Under the Sea. You should totally mention Antsy Pants, they have a rental program that makes them super ready on the pocket book!

Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. If the trainer is too similar to a diaper, your child is more likely to let loose and have accidents without much consequence. The training pants outer layer is waterproof while the inside is a soft organic cotton lining. But if you go straight to underwear, you have to worry about cleaning up big messes in the car or out in public, while your kiddo still gets the hang of waiting to go on the potty.
We have rounded up some great eco-friendly training pants that each have unique features that will help your child succeed in potty training, without flushing the earth down the toilet, so to speak.

The training pants are available in 4 sizes to fit children 11-55 pounds in a variety of stylish prints and colors. So put those disposable Pull-Ups back on the shelf and opt for one of these green training pants options instead.

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