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These printable certificates can be used to reward toddlers who have completed the potty training process and further encourage those who have nearly completed the process.
Are you thinking about potty training your little one or are you already in the process and would like some expert support and advice? As part of a nationwide campaign Huggies Pull Ups, the potty training experts, will be touring the UK in an iconic American yellow school bus to bring their expertise to life with experiential events specifically designed to provide parents with the reassurance that potty training doesn’t need to be a time of contention or anxiety. Huggies Pull-Ups potty training expert and psychologist Emma Kenny says: ‘The aim is to equip parents with as much information as possible and to help their child move confidently through the potty training process.

The vibrant and interactive potty training bus will offer parents and children the chance to learn all about toilet training, day and night, in a playful and engaging environment. Porch Potty Premium has to be one of the coolest dog litter box ever invented, this little grassy piece of heaven automatically washes your pet’s residue with a sprinkler and if that isn’t enough it comes with the classic red fire hydrant that every dog loves!
Mason jars are famous for all sorts of ice tea treats, specially on a hot relaxing afternoon. If you would like to help your little one graduate from nappies to big kid pants look out for the Huggies Pull-Ups potty training bus which may be coming to your area soon.

Our UK Parenting Lifestyle Blog shares our family adventures, stories and reviews, from family days out and restaurants, to travel and hotels, children’s toys, gadgets, fashion and beauty! Finally, before leaving everyone will have their first ever instant graduation photo to tie in with the recent Huggies Pull-Ups television advertisement.

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