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Technopeur Engineering Contracts is India Based company engaged in providing turnkey solutions for Cement, Power, Mining, Refinearies, Sugar and other process industries. We are in the field of Reclamation of Industrial components and have expertise in Advance welding technologies and reclamation processes.
SEAT's Apprentices School opens its pre-registration period for the 2014-2015 academic year.
All told, the centre is offering 60 new places in the first year of the two middle-grade training cycles on offer: Machining and Electromechanical Maintenance of Installations. As in previous years, the selection process will comprise three stages: psychotechnical tests, a personal interview and an assessment of each candidate's academic record.
Josef Schelchshorn, Executive Vice-President for Human Resources at SEAT, underscored the fact that "the Apprentices School is yet another example of SEAT's commitment to the creation of employment for the younger generations.

2014-2015 will mark the third academic year of the dual training system, based on the German model, which combines theoretical and practical training at the school with on-the-job experience at the company's production facilities.
Although the SEAT Apprentices School is a private centre, all education costs are borne by the company. The school's website provides further information concerning the centre itself, training courses on offer and the pre-registration period. Essential entry requirements for places on offer include being born between 1994 and 1998 and having completed compulsory secondary education or similar qualifications at the moment of formal registration for the course. Thanks to the quality of the training given, young people learn a trade from day one, and develop their skills in a real working environment. The syllabus comprises 4,625 hours spread over three years, with students signing a labour contract for training and apprenticeship which enables them to make contributions to Social Security as well as being provided with monthly remuneration based on the practical work done in the company.

Also, those students who successfully complete the three years have the possibility of joining the workforce on a permanent contract.
The technical level of the facilities and trainers, together with practical training work, have been key elements in the school's success, which over the past half-century has trained more than 2,500 young people. This element both distinguishes our students and helps improve the companya€™s competitiveness".
For the current academic year 2013-2014 there was a record number of 1,200 applications for places on offer, 180% more than the previous year.

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