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The government had set a target of imparting vocational training to 5 crore people in the Twelfth Plan period to address the skills deficit, an issue that most political parties have raised in their manifestoes this election season.
3.54 lakh seats have been identified for on the job training in various industries under the Apprentices Act, 1961. We all have ideas about the area we want to qualify into when we start and we are told by numerous people that those ideas will change during the training contract. The NEBOSH International Diploma is the qualification for aspiring health and safety professionals building directly upon the foundation of knowledge provided by the NEBOSH International General Certificate. As globalisation gathers pace NEBOSH has seen the need for a common and consistent standard for achieving and maintaining the health and safety of workers in all parts of the world. JOB FAIRRedHat Safety Training and Consulting will conduct job fair to place HSE professionals. Thinkstock Photo Capacity to train 15.23 lakh candidates has been created through operationalising 10,750 centres in the country. As trainees we spend a certain period of time working in a number of departments over the two years.

It is designed to provide students with the expertise – wherever in the world they may be working – required to undertake a career as a safety and health practitioner. It also provides a sound basis for progression to an MSc or more specialist study (such as the NEBOSH Diploma in Environmental Management). Seats provide an opportunity to get a better understanding of which areas of law you are interested in. It is important to be open-minded and listen to the advice of your training providers because your seats can allow you to consider practice areas you may never have thought of before.Some firms may provide more formal advice than others when choosing your seats but there is always a good pool of information from which to draw inspiration. Each firm will differ in its seat planning process and will provide a different number of seats and seat durations.Woodfines generally offers four 6-month seats during the training contract and this provides a good level of experience in each seat while enabling you to complete a wide range of practice areas. Of course, this is not fixed and seat duration and area can be negotiated depending on the firm’s and trainee’s requirements.Because seat planning varies in each firm, this is likely to be a way the firm markets itself to future trainees so it is not just something to consider during your training contract but while you are applying for training contracts as well. Additionally, it is probably a good idea to mention it in your interview and explain why the firm’s chosen arrangement is particularly appealing to you, or if it has not been made clear in any of the literature or during the course of the interview you could mention it in the ‘do you have any further questions?’ part of the interview.Most trainees will have different preferences which can change over time but a lot of your choice will be dictated by instinct. This is not wrong and should be relied on as a good indicator, but make sure you use your instinct in conjunction with the advice available, especially the advice of your colleagues.

A good question to ask is can you see yourself dealing with the issues associated with that area of law for six months?
Does the prospect of a seat in that area make you feel excited?Another important factor to consider is the depth of the experience a department will be able to offer. Find a trainee who has completed a seat in that department and ask them what type of work they completed.Finally, be careful not to put too much pressure on yourself when choosing a seat. Focus on gaining a wide range of experiences from your training contract and most importantly whichever seat is allocated to you work hard and enjoy yourself.

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