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The Obama Administration took a big step on Thursday to ensure that kids in child care are safe.
The newly announced regulations will apply to any child care center or family home that receives federal funding through HHS’s Child Care and Development Fund. Administration officials and child safety advocates hope that the requirements will put a dent in the depressingly high number of young children who die as a consequence of negligent care and unsafe practices. Federal rules governing these care facilities are currently limited to preventing infectious epidemics and making sure that buildings meet fire safety codes. However, the new requirements only apply to the 513,000 child care centers that receive federal money.
In a 2010 report, the child safety organization Child Care Aware of America found that nine states scored zero points on their child care safety score sheet.
While child care advocates are encouraged by the new federal rules, many still acknowledge that real reform requires congressional action, as well as more funding for the federal Child Care and Development Fund. Children who have been mentally abused may exhibit an excessive need for attention from adults. Acting in an overly compliant manner and displaying a need to win approval from adults are signs of mental child abuse.
A victim of mental child abuse may exhibit many signs that he is suffering mental and emotional harm. My four year old grandson has suddenly overnight become so emotional over staying with us or his daddy.
My mother let me live with a family on the next street when I was age two, but after three years, she wanted me back.
I think it's so sad when a girl starts out in life starved for affection and winds up settling for a jerk later on in life just to have someone to fill that void.
My friend is a teacher, and from what he told me it seems like most teachers receive training in recognizing the signs of both mental and physical child abuse. It is interesting as to how the signs of mental child abuse are interpreted in different cultures. I'm an elementary teacher and if a child is violent to himself or to others, I absolutely think that authorities need to be engaged with the child and his or her family. I'm starting to think however, that if we provide children with psychological support and counseling, they might be better equipped to deal with some of these issues as they grow up. My brother was and is to this day very aggressive, short tempered and even violent at times. There are different types of child abuse but they all leave such deep wounds that take a long time to heal and still leave behind a scar afterward.
Children who need glasses may exhibit some strange behaviors when it comes to seeing things.
An occasional headache is definitely normal, but children shouldn’t be getting frequent headaches. Some children have no problems when it comes to seeing up close, such as when they’re reading.
Children who have vision problems may not be able to see the board at school, and can have trouble with written work and learning to read. Some children are naturally more coordinated than others, but if you find that your child is frequently bumping into things or has difficulty doing things like kicking or catching a ball when that’s no longer developmentally appropriate, get his eyes checked.
After laser vision correction, you’ll never have to deal with fogged up glasses or fumbling with contact lenses to enjoy the views of Monterey Bay.
Patients are encouraged to contact the MBEC physician on-call for any after hour emergencies before going to the nearest emergency room.
Prescriptions refills will be addressed the following Monday and should be faxed by your pharmacy. If you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our eye care specialists, please take a moment to fill out the electronic form below. For the most part, states are left to their own discretion in coming up with more expansive regulations — making the new federal standards particularly significant.
Among the most common signs are behaving in an overly compliant manner or displaying an excessive need for affection.
For example, a child may seem desperate to please others and win approval, especially that of adults.

If a mentally abusive parent is remote and withholds affection from the child, he may seem starved for attention.
A child who is being abused mentally may sometimes deal with the stress of the abuse by hitting, otherwise harming, or verbally abusing others. For example, a mentally abused child may frequently rock back and forth or exhibit signs of trying to pacify himself. However, despite knowing the facts, child abuse is hard to deal with when you actually do notice it. My friend tells me that some of his other teacher friends have expressed reservations about getting child protective services involved.
Even when I was in school a lot of the teachers really stuck their heads in the sand and pretended everything was OK. While I was working as a teacher in ESL is seemed that the Korean teachers were woefully unwilling to learn the facts about child abuse. Counseling and psychological therapy for both the child and the parents should be available to them. I try to engage and converse with my students as much as possible and I often sense with some students that all is not well at home.
Otherwise, I don't think it's possible to prevent every child from emotional abuse and trauma.
We were separated from him as teenagers but the harm he caused us until that time remains with us today. I, on the other hand, developed an extreme need for affection and love that I never received from my father. I wish my mother and relatives were aware of these signs and had done something to help us then. For example, you might notice your child squinting, moving a book closer to or farther away from the face, tilting his head when trying to focus on something he’s looking at or covering one eye.
While glasses are by no means a guaranteed solution, they can help if they’re warranted. Our primary services consist of Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery, Premium Lens Implants, Glaucoma Evaluations and Diabetic Eye Care.
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Overly aggressive behavior may also point toward possible mental abuse in children and may include both mental and verbal aggression.
In some cases, a child may be unable to say what he wants or likes because he views his abuser's wants and needs as more important than his own.
For example, the child may attempt to get affection from other adults or even latch on to other children who are older than him for this purpose. A mentally abused child may be quick to become angry and have a hard time dealing with the anger without an emotional blowup. Sometime a victim may bang his head against a wall or another hard surface; others may self-inflict wounds.
I still spent holidays and weekends with the surrogate family, but I was sexually abused there, and the same thing happened at the home of my biological family. There was a tragic case in South Florida in which a little girl died because of the extreme abuse from her foster parents.
It was particularly sad because we even had a class about what is child abuse to help us spot the signs. I think that as time goes on more and more awareness will be raised.
Even if a child was openly disruptive and showed signs of child physical abuse the attitude there was very much that children will be children. At our kindergarten, all of our employees received information on child abuse and the signs to look out for.
But this is so prevalent that I'm starting to think that every child experiences some kind of trauma growing up.
Several of the signs mentioned here, especially aggressive behavior and the need for affection is how my brother and I reacted to his abusive treatment.
Reading, playing video games, doing homework and watching TV are all activities that could strain her eyes.

Even if you’re able to rule out vision problems as the cause of her poor performance, it will at least give you a place to start in getting down to the heart of the problem with additional testing.
Additionally, a child who is suffering mental abuse may attempt to harm himself, develop habits to pacify himself, or wet or soil his clothing or bed linens. He may seem fearful that he won’t please others or his abuser, appear timid about stating his opinion, or have difficulty refusing to do things he doesn't want to do. Additionally, a mentally abused child may experience anger that seems dramatically out of proportion with the situation that caused him to become angry. Additionally, some mentally abused children have frequent episodes of wetting or soiling their beds or their clothing. His behavior has also become so bad, he has suddenly gone from a loving, caring little boy to one who hits, smacks and cries all the time and doesn't want to be with us. Child Protective Services really dropped the ball in the case and now a poor little girl is dead. It was shocking to me that I couldn't figure out how to stop child abuse when I saw it in my own classroom. The sad thing is that we still give the same reactions today even though we are much older. And the most repugnant thing is that some socialist left winger has even helped these criminal fraudsters create weepy signs in the local language, begging them for help to remain.The Swedes are creating their own problems and they have no one else to blame but their own government and their left-wingers. Ruling out vision problems might just mean that you need to focus on reducing these activities to reduce the strain. Children are very good at compensating for difficulties, especially if they’re not aware that the difficulties are there. We had several students who were emotionally abused and the teachers noticed it by the way they were acting and speaking during play time with their friends. Meanwhile the Swedish people work hard with low pays and high taxes to pay for this exploitation of an insane asylum system,These ADULT MUSLIM MALES are entering the country by lying that they are children. The insane asylum and refugee policy in Europe demands that all children automatically get their asylum application fast tracked and cleared.
In order to be sure, a smart parent will take their child to a qualified ophthalmologist for regular eye exams.
It is completely discriminatory to authentic and decent migrants who enter the West and have worked hard to get their degrees and rights to remain. The socialists will naturally never agree or approve to scrap this fraudulent and illegal policy of theirs. They are hell bent on destroying Western economy and culture beyond repair and recognition. If you see any adverts that interest you then please visit them as it helps me without you even needing to give me any money.
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