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Most parents start thinking about potty training when their child is around 18 to 24 months old, but there is no perfect time to begin – it is down to the individual child.
I think so many of us don’t talk about how difficult potty training is because our minds actually block out the pain.
Your child is able to sit and engage in an activity for several minutes without becoming distracted or irritable.
While your child doesn’t have to show all of these signs to be ready to potty train, your child should exhibit a good portion of them before you start.
I was fortunate with all 4 of my children in that they were able to potty train themselves. My daughter is almost 20 months and aside from having a very intense interest in the bathroom and copying our actions, from sitting on her potty to putting toilet paper between her legs, she does not match any of these things – she cannot pull up and down her pants. This list is great, Jenny – thank for posting … and thanks for hosting the blog hop! My oldest son wasn’t too hard to potty train, but he insisted on standing up like daddy!
The Ability to Engage in an Activity-It is important that your child can sit and engage in an activity for more than a few minutes.  If your child becomes distracted easily or is quick to get frustrated or agitated, it will make potty training harder.
The Ability to Stay Dry-When your child is staying dry for longer periods of time (often two hours or more) this indicates that his or her bladder capacity is increasing and potty training might be a possibility.
Originally I wanted to try to get Avery out of diapers before the baby came, but I realized that she just wasn’t ready to begin the process.
Rather than nonchalantly going to the bathroom in front of everyone, Avery now is too embarrassed to go in front of anyone.

I know this sounds like something that all kids do, but Avery is now very interested in watching how I go to the restroom. Just recently, Avery has been going into her big sister’s dresser and pulls out panties to try to put them on. The more and more Avery shows me that she is ready to start trying to use the potty, the more anxious I get to begin.
Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Despite all of the time that had passed, we still managed to touch on the subject of potty training.
I recall hours sitting on the cold, tiled, bathroom floor reading books to my child with him perched on the toilet seat.
I was lucky with my second (who just declared one day he was done with diapers) versus my first one just couldn’t get the hang of it. She wets her diaper frequently, especially during the night, and unless she is soaked or has had a bowel movement, she doesn’t mind a wet diaper. I’ve got the enormous challenge of potting training to look forward to with baby number two. I think the idea of going potty is much more exciting and the actual act of going potty is pretty darn scary for little kids.
There was going to be so much change coming her way with the new baby, I didn’t want to add any stress on her to try to force her to use the potty.
Even with clothes on, she manages to take everything off, including her diaper and wants to run around naked.

If she has to go to the bathroom in her diaper she will quietly go into a room that no one else is in and go to the bathroom.
She gets very uncomfortable when her diaper is dirty, and she wants us to know so that we can change it.
While I know that she isn’t fully ready to wear them, it is refreshing knowing that she is excited to wear underwear.
The fact that she can’t stand to be in a dirty diaper is letting us know that big girl underwear might be in her near future.
So I’m thinking there is some truth to the whole thing that kids will do it when they are ready. I think I banished all memories of the incredibly long period of history that it took me to teach him to use the toilet to the outermost recesses of my mind.
Rather than fighting her on it, I have let her run around without a diaper while we are at home in hopes that she might tell me when she needs to use the restroom. Her awareness of everyone around while she uses the restroom is a definite sign she might be ready to go on the potty. That’s one less child of mine that is out of diapers which means less diapers I have to buy and change! But my concern is that she’s tall for her age, in the 92 percentile, and is already in size 6 diapers.

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