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If you notice that your child is often standing in front of the television rather than sitting on the couch, it could be a sign that they need glasses. If your child tells you that they asked the teacher to move them to the front of the class so they could see the board, then it’s pretty safe to say they are having an issue. If you are out driving around town and your child is asking you questions and cannot read the street signs; this is another sign of an eye disturbance. By fifth grade, students should be able to be given two two-digit numbers and add them together without needing pencil and paper. If a student hasna€™t conquered one-digit multiplication in third grade, fourth is usually the time to master. Division struggles arena€™t unusuala€”after all, many adults still cana€™t wrap their heads around it. How have you discovered that your child was struggling with math? Tell us in the comments below.
While these signs may not mean your child needs speech therapy, they may indicate that a consultation with a speech-language pathologist might be helpful.
It’s important to remember that when it comes to speech, language, and communication issues, urgency is a key factor. If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, your child may have a speech-language challenge that requires immediate attention. If you have questions or you’re unsure whether or not your child has a problem, contact our intake coordinator at 905-886-5941. Here are some of the signs that your child might exhibit when he or she is not happy in day care. Many parents opt for a daycare service for their kids while they slog it out in the office. If your child appears to be scared and refuses to step out of the house or step into the day care, this is again an indication that all is not well at the day care. Kids eat well and happily when they are comfortable with the ambiance and people around them.
An active and happy child if suddenly shows withdrawal symptoms, or throws temper tantrums after joining a daycare, it calls for observation. If your child comes home with hurt marks and bruises regularly, it is something that you should not overlook at any cost.
A major pointer that the day care you have chosen is not a suitable one is your child’s general health.
After joining day care if your otherwise healthy child is catching infections and always falling sick it may indicate that the daycare may not be maintaining the sanitation and cleanliness needed for a day care set up. But sometimes when both parents are working and there is no other option, day cares are the best place where kids can be left behind safely.
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Some of the benefits of coconut oil for babies include remedy against baby acne, reducing cradle cap, relief from diaper rash, helps in healing wounds faster, relief from sunburn, treating ringworm, good for baby massage and curing ear infections. If you want to give you some activities to keep your kids busy this summer, here are some ideas that can help.

Join the Parent Community!Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The FBI offers signs that may indicate a child is at risk of becoming a victim of an online predator.
However, when it comes to vision issues, a child doesn’t always know how to tell their parents that they cannot see. The school may also send home a note regarding this incidence to let you know and get vision testing done. According to a specialist from All About Eyes, squinting works to reduce the size of the object your child is looking at, compensating for their inability to see it clearly. Yet, kids learn at their own pace, some are stronger or weaker in certain subjects, and some may find new concepts difficult even though they were doing well with what they previously learned. Though math struggles can occur at any age, extra attention should be paid to students at this levela€”with algebra just around the corner, mastering the necessary concepts now will make life easier come middle school. Even if they struggle to picture the traditional addition algorithm (one number above the other) in their minds, other strategies should be at their disposal to come to an answer (for example, 57+34 is the same as 50+30 added to 7+4, to get 91).
Despite being a complementary operation to multiplication, division can be tricky, possibly because you start from a big number and compute your way to a smaller number (instead of the other way around).
Yet, when your child is trying to figure out 49+51, he gives you an incorrect, odd answer of 99.
But if your child is particularly resistant, it could be something deeper than her just wishing she could be watching TV instead. A speech-language assessment will give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your child’s needs and therapy options. While there are many possible indicators of speech-language delays, some are more common than others.
These include crying before going to daycare, scared or reluctant at the mention of day care, refusing food at daycare, change in temperament, signs of cuts or bruises and most importantly constant infections and ill health. But in today’s world where both parents in a household are working, it is impossible for them to be around their children all the time to meet their every need. Fights among kids is common but if your child returns with a cut or bruise almost every day, it only means that the caregivers are not vigilant enough.
It is needless to say that children do fall sick in their growing years but constant ill health should raise a mental alarm.
If there are grandparents living together or in the same city and are willing to look after the kids, then it’s the best option. If the daycare you have chosen is the right one, you will see a happy, healthy child looking forward to be picked up, on your way back home.
This philosophy of raising kids is completely contrary to the concept of hovering or helicopter parents.
As summer is fast approaching and kids would be sitting idly at home, simply watching TV or playing video games. In some cases, there may be eye conditions that develop at an early age that is serious in nature. If your child does need fifth-grade math help, dona€™t hesitate to talk to his or her teacher, seek Web resources, or even turn to additional instruction, possibly including tablet-based online tutoring.

If the slightly more advanced addition is still confusing, you should consider seeking fifth-grade math help.
Multiplying two-, three-, and four-digit numbersa€”and beyonda€”will become much easier once the basic multiplication tables are mastered.
But students will need it for algebra and to better understand decimals and percentages, so if your child is confused, look for some extra fifth-grade math help.
Kids struggling with math will naturally be less likely to tackle their homework because it stresses them out.
While every child and situation is different, there definitely are a few signs that you can look out for.
Your child may have problems at the day care he attends, but may not be at the age or the maturity to recognize them and speak out about it.
If your child starts crying before stepping into the day care, every day, this sign is not to be neglected.
Kids refuse to take feeds from the people they dislike or at the place where they are not happy.
A small incident in your opinion can be so disturbing for the child that it can lead to nightmares and rough nights.
Ladies who take care of kids of working parents at their own home, is also a great option if both parents work. While the former focuses on self reliance and independence, the latter is all about strict vigilance. Sex offenders often supply their potential victims with pornography as a means of opening sexual discussions and for seduction. If your child struggles to recognize and apply such patterns, then that could be a sign hea€™s struggling with math.
By fifth grade, most students know what is expected of them in terms of homework, so if your child is vehement about avoiding math at home, take the time to find out why.
But as parents, we need to be alert to any of the smallest sign of discomfort or distress our kids show.
You may also talk to other parents to see if their children are reluctant to attend the day care. If your kid’s lunch boxes are coming back half eaten then it may be a good idea to check on what’s going on at the day care. Parents need to check if something at the day care is bothering the child, if everything on the home front is okay.
But if the situation does not improve even after a couple of months it is quite evident that the child is not happy there and it is time to look for a friendlier day care.
With too many small kids to look after, some caregivers may resort to punishments by hitting or pinching them to control the kids.
Remember your child spends a great deal of time at day care, so it is important that the ambiance and the people tending is amicable.

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