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Potty training my older daughter Rosie was such an intimidating task and one I had been dreading and avoiding. Language- Your child has to have the language needed to express that they need to use the bathroom. There were several other readiness signs listed as I was researching and preparing to begin potty training.
Gradually getting your child interested in the potty is great, but when you’re ready to seriously start potty training, many working moms recommend waiting for a long weekend or holiday, and then focusing intently on the task. Even if you’re not around in the daytime, be consistent with your morning, evening and weekend routine. Many working moms recommend the 3-day potty training strategy, which entails staying home, diaper-less, for three full days to focus exclusively on potty training, and switching permanently from diapers to underwear. Having your little one go diaper-less in the evenings and on weekends is another strategy many working moms have used successfully. It's essential to get whoever is looking after you child during the day on board with your potty training strategy. Good morning everyone, i think you should always start potty training in the comfort of your toddlers home where they are familiar with their surroundings. As a child care provider letting the kids run around diaperless isnt an option and dont like clients thinking I want their child eliminating all over my carpet and furniture. Every child learns at different speeds and catches on to potty training differently, so it will really depend on your daughter's personality and how she takes to it and develops with the potty training. However, again there are signs to look for that will let you know that she is ready to start or at least start the pre-potty training process to begin with.
She no longer is wet or soiled after naps or even when she wakes up in the morning. She is no longer scared or uninterested in the bathroom, but wants to go in there, flush the toilet and wants to know what everything is used for and why you go to the bathroom. When your daughter is showing some or all of these signs, than it is a perfect time to get started, since she has naturally become interested in wanting to go and use the bathroom.

When potty training hygiene is definitely a consideration for both genders, however, special consideration need to be given to avoid future problems with infection.
Even after a child has been potty trained and has accepted the full responsibilities associated with potty training i.e. Teach your child to look at the toilet paper that they use to wipe themselves and teach them to continue wiping until there is not brown stain.
If your little girl loves pretty things, purchase some pretty towels and soap that may encourage her to wash her hands. Need more potty training tips and advice on potty training problems or just general advice, check out all of our Potty Training Articles! If your child has started showing signs of potty training readiness (See 5 Signs Your Child is Ready to Potty Train), consider these six strategies from other working moms for achieving work-potty balance.
It i important to take a potty with you everywhere whilst potty training, It is a huge pressure on a child and a mom and dad when potty training it take time and patience from both. I dont think anyone was suggesting that a daycare provider take on "that" particular potty strategy. Every child is different, so there is no exact right age or time to start potty training her. Since every child is different, how quickly you move through the pre-potty training to the potty training will vary. She is curious and asking questions about the bathroom and wants to be there when you or someone else goes and wants to know what is happening. Some children will start to help and get their diaper off or put it on themselves too.
So it is important to get started right away when you see her exhibiting these signs of wanting to go. Some children will get to a point where they will want more privacy and hence will not want your help, while others do not like being dirty and will want your help until they are older.
Be assured - everything being typical - there will come a time when your child will not longer need or want your help!

One way to encourage and motivate your child is to provide them with fun soaps - especially the foaming kind. The statement was that people should alert the day care provider to the fact that the child is being potty trained and as a child care provider, it IS your duty and expectation that you adhere to some standard and schedule of toileting that child.
So, if she sleeps for two hours during a nap and her diaper is dry, than she is learning to control her bladder a bit and she is no longer going all the time like children do when they are littler. She may stay there with you the entire time or even show signs of wanting to get on the toilet as well. She may take you to the changing table, ask to be changed or go there on her own to be changed. This will make the entire potty training process so much easier and it will also be more fun and exciting too.
Not only do they do a better job of cleaning, they will easy your burden when it comes to doing laundry. Put her in underwear and just deal with the messes (maybe throw away underwear that are really messy). I am caring for other peoples children as well and we dont wish to spend the entire day in the bathroom. She may also bring you the diapers or baby wipes to change her and wants you to do it right than. Further more, its probably your "daycare" income that paid for that furniture in the first place!! Most people that can afford stuff like that without any additional income probably wouldnt be doing daycare in the first place! Just make sure you provide your provider with plenty of coverups or you will have a very upset provider because I for one dont want your kid eliminating on my $7000 livingroom furniture or have to replace my carpeting everytime I help a client toilet train their child..

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