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Friday and Saturday were extremely busy days and I had no patience for the pain any longer. Now that I am experienced kidney stone survivor, I would like to share a few tips that the ER forgot to share with me. From there, take your potty cup and pour your tee tee into the undersized (too small to fit under a regular women’s bottom) strainer or use a coffee filter. We have had to revert back to the older software, this means losing any posts and any new members who joined since the upgrade at the end of last year, so if things look strange and you can't log in you will need to rejoin I'm afraid!! When we are out its going great, she waits till we go to the toilet and then has a wee (and tells everyone in the near vicinity what she has done).
Well we have had to try no nappy tonight She is dry in the day now (touch wood) but has started waking 4-5 times at night crying which is so not like her.
So she is pantless, with a bed pad on and her potty in the middle of her bedroom and a colour light on the chest of drawers behind. Just take it a step at a time DSL, you will have good days and bad days but she will get there. I was thinking of giving it a go over the summer, as i'm off work for 6 weeks with Rosie it might be a good time to have a go while she's not at the childminders. Just found my phone cable, and came across this picture for a few months back on one of the potty training attempts. Only 2 and a half weeks to Pday (proper stop nappies, potty training day) for us and I'm getting a bit nervous.
Having a bad day today, Cally has weed so many times on the floor, once right next to the potty.

Well we bought a potty over here and she's been dry several hours, doing both pees and poos in the potty.
I had a three-year old’s birthday party to arrange and nothing was going to slow me down. After the last guest departed I made my way to the couch and rolled up into the fetal position. After family and friends were notified I learned that a kidney stone is supposed to be one of the worst pains ever.
Make sure to place their potty on top of your closed toilet lid, otherwise you will not get your adult hinny on the potty to make it in the cup. I’ve head about the apple vinegar myself but have not tried anything other than just dealing with them.
When I could see she wanted a poo or she hadnt been in ages and needed to go I took her to the toilet and sit her on it. However when we are indoors and she is playing she is forgetting to go and we have had a few accidents.
Sometimes she tells me if she has done a poo, or needs a poo and a few times in the last few weeks she has tried pulling at her nappy and told me it was dirty. We do have a lot of nappy off time and she's been getting better and better at peeing in the potty but she's never gone to the potty herself when she thinks she needs a wee.
Make yourself at home, print some free coupons and grab the latest freebies!Last Wednesday, January 16 th to be exact, I started experiencing pain in my lower back (left side) and front abdominal area.
I had recently visited my general doctor, so I thought I’d try to get a prescription to treat a bladder infection.

If you have a princess toilet like our toddler, you will also get an added bonus of trumpets playing letting you know what a good job you did! I have to keep asking her (but maybe I'm just not giving her time to get to that 'I need a wee' feeling for herself ). But then a friend said just having a potty around and letting her have a go won't do any harm, especially as we've got so much time together at home for a change.
We've always been relaxed about poo and it's something we laugh about though perhaps there has been to much 'yuck poo' as Eleanor says it (while laughing) and she sees it as dirty? I think I would rather spit out a baby instead of learning the dreaded outcome…A KIDNEY STONE! She looked a bit like she might want a poo while she was in the bath but said no she didn't need the potty when I asked. A few minutes later when I wasn't paying attention, she was whining at one end of the bath and pointing to a rather large floater. I again tried to keep things light and said well done for doing a poo but reminded her that it should be in the potty, scooped it out and popped it in the loo.
It made me realise that she often does a poo in her nappy not long after being on the potty. So I guess my worry is that she's holding on to poos and not doing them in the potty as she thinks they are yuck even though she also thinks that's funny.

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