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Thank God Pampers doesn’t have a Cars line, because I’m pretty sure that having a McQueened-out butt is the only perk Noah would consider as valid for inserting his urine into a toilet. We put the underwear on, talked about sitting on the potty, he reminded me that he didn’t know how to tee-tee, and we set off into our day, armed with Road & Track Magazines provided by my Dad, a Bumbo potty-training seat and stepstool, and a singing commode.
And, for the entire morning, he and I tromped off to the bathroom every fifteen minutes to try and conjure up some liquid gold. The first time he peed on Lightning, I admit that I was excited for him – at least now he knows what it feels like to pee, right?
He didn’t like the feeling of having peed, but still showed no signs of knowing how to conjure the stuff. It was at that point that I requested of Twitter and Facebook to wear light yellow ribbons in solidarity with us for Noah’s Pee Awareness Week.
Finally, shortly before naptime which would bring a blessed reprieve back to lined underthings, Noah managed to squeeze out a couple of drops – enough to make his potty sing. Despite the clearly accidental amount of whatever-it-was, we still celebrated heartily, Noah received the promised Dusty Crophopper that had been sitting in my closet for six months, and we moved on, hoping for a more notable output next time. He happily welcomed his diaper back for naptime and the following cross-town trip to take Ali to art class. The next day we began again, with high hopes of having more than .00000000001 ounces of success this time. He had caught on to the concept of holding his pee – for a solid three hours, he clenched himself with all his sphincter’s might, whether on or off the toilet, desperately refusing to either soil his underwear or Let it Go where he should, no matter how many times I serenaded him with the Frozen hit. I realized a couple of hours into the day that he had a bright red circle on his butt compliments of the singing toilet, so we transferred our efforts to the luxurious Bumbo to rest his weary chaps. We even watched YouTube videos of other moms reading potty books to other kids, because that’s the kind of meta life we live. We spent at least an hour and a half between those two toilets without a drop to assign as victory.
And then, at 11:30 am, he left the bathroom and immediately filled his pants-leg with urine. But then, at 11:59 am, I caught him admiring his underweared rear view in the mirror, which renewed my hope to live another day.
But then I think of everything else that’s five times harder for her, and all is forgiven. This is going to expose my non-mom niavete, but I had no idea that potty training could be that grueling. Also, perhaps not letting him do things that “big kids” do because he is still not going in a potty? My son was difficult to train and I tried at 2 years with many tears and no success but then I read a book that said if they cannot hold their urine for 2 hours, their bladder wasn’t physically mature enough to potty train.
Oh and I should add that even though my girls trained at around 18 months, my youngest at least was more then difficult in every other way so she owed me one. For what it’s worth, my fav baby book, Toddler 411, quotes a study by the Medical College of Wisconsin where researchers found that the average age for potty training was 35 months for boys and 39 months for boys.
Just be aware when trying to poo-train a strong willed child, of a condition called encopresis, or chronic constipation. It can be frustrating when your child happily pees on the potty but refuses to use it for bowel movements.
A child is used to moving around during BMs and sitting still on the potty is hard to adjust to. A child may think that her stool is a part of her and doesn’t understand why she should flush it away. A child is used to his stool coming out into a diaper, but the feeling of having to go into the air is odd.
As with most parenting dilemmas, don’t try to solve the problem without understanding why it exists. Don’t ever make your child “hold it.” When she announces the need to go, or if you notice that her body signals are indicating a need to go, find a toilet immediately.
If your child has food allergies or lactose intolerance (milk products) these can cause constipation for him.
Limit foods that constipate such as bananas, rice, applesauce, cheese, citrus juice, and carbonated sodas.
Be sure your child eats plenty of fiber-rich foods every day: vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and beans.

Make sure your child has plenty of daily exercise, which stimulates digestion, prevents constipation, and is necessary for proper elimination. If you find your child has had a bowel movement in her pants, calmly take her to the bathroom. Help your child relax on the potty by reading books, telling a story, singing a song or chatting.
Make sure that your child’s legs are comfortable and that feet are firmly planted on the floor or a sturdy stool. Purchase a soft, padded child’s adapter seat for the toilet, or a potty chair with a soft seat.
Aussies will appreciate having a miniature replica of the Sydney Opera House in their loo, albeit blue. WEEMAN Little Boy’s Toilet Trainer a€“ This big cup clips onto the front of a toilet, allowing boys to enjoy a urinal-like experience. Toilet Time Targets a€“ Colorful animal-shaped tissue paper is placed into your toilet bowl. If you have a little miss you should be researching for ways for girls to potty train and ignore AJ cause while girls do generally potty train faster than boys are are less likely to wet their bed every kid is different and it does happen to girls too.
GoGraph allows you to download affordable stock photography, illustrations, vector clip art and royalty-free footage. Last time we tried (in August,) Noah had a crippling fear of letting any output from his body fall into the toilet. Three pairs of underwear later, I could hear his eyes screaming at me, ”Gretchen, stop trying to make pee happen.
And this is the most unfair thing in the world, but potty-training was a breeze for them – the competition actually worked in her favor. I have twin girls who are 17 months old, and while I have no intention of starting them any time soon, I might lose my mind potty-training twins. Your Google searches *might* turn up a very old post of mine when Ali went through the same thing. I was heavily involved in caring for my much-younger (12 years) sister at that age, but it must have been a non-issue for her, because I don’t remember it at all. I am going to start trying to potty training my 2.5 yr old within the next couple of weeks, and I am not looking forward to it.
I’ve watched a video called potty training 1 2 3 on Vimeo (recommended by other moms who recently applied the videos potty training principles)and it sorta helped to give me a game plan. And if the average age is 39 months, that means lots of boys were a lot of older than that. I have backed completely off trying to get my 3 year old to poop in the potty for now (she is completely pee trained) as she started withholding her poop (talk about buns of steel…boy can she clench) to the point that I feats we were on the verge of encopresis (not often talked about, but more common than you think.
Your child might demand a diaper, go in his pants, or hold his bowel movements and cause complications such as severe constipation. Once you understand why your child is avoiding having a BM in the toilet, you will be better able to create a plan for her to have regular and natural elimination. Forcing BMs can create small tears (fissures) or hemorrhoids, which cause all-day pain in the rectum.
Your little one isn’t doing this on purpose, isn’t trying to make you mad, and doesn’t understand how to solve this any more than you do. The common belief is that toddlers are ready to begin potty learning around 18 to 24 months, but boys take longer… sometimes not getting the swing of things until they are 3 (sometimes 4) years old. GoGraph has the stock image, royalty free photo, stock photograph, graphic or picture that you need for as little as 5 dollars. He has no concept of the fact that liquid is seeping out of his body and even better, that he can control it. I actually suspected that the commode was so desperate for him to get up that it squeezed its own molecules tightly enough to rouse the minimum liquid required to create a musical reaction. I just had to find the perfect bribe to convince her to poop – for her, it was Princess Gummies.
He has made a willful decision that he would rather stay in pull-ups and make Mommy and Daddy change him like his baby brother than use the potty.
I waited till he was almost 3, and could hold it for longer periods of time and he trained much easier then. I’ll be writing an update later this week, but my Mom 100% potty-trained him, with no accidents, in one day.

It drives me crazy when I see Facebook posts from a mom of three girls under 5 saying that her second (3 yrs old) and third (1.5 yrs old) daughters just decided on their own to start going potty. Then one day at Target, my husband bought him his very own red padded Lightning McQueen toilet seat that snapped on to the regular toilet seat, and -BOOM- we never had another poo accident again. Backsliding of sleeping routines nearly drove me mad – backsliding of pooping would DEFINITELY drive me mad. This is a fairly typical setback in potty training so this post will cover some ways that you can help.
This will cause the child to avoid pooping even more, which leads to constipation, which creates hard stool, which causes more hemorrhoids, and on and on.
Public restrooms in our rural area are scarce, and in one town they are downright scary because they get abused by transients and aren’t cleaned very often. RSS feed is provided for personal private use, not full-text syndication on public third party sites. Buy cheap stock photos, royalty free photographs and pictures and get immediate image file downloads. 6 months later I thought she was getting the hang of it and then a week of 6 accidents a day proved me wrong. However, at night, he would get me up in the middle of the night to change him cause he was wet. If your child is grunting, straining and forcing, it’s a sign that he’s not quite ready to go, or he’s constipated.
The following training aids for boys are just a few of the interesting things I’m churning up in my search for the perfect potty seat. GoGraph also offers EPS vector illustrations, clipart digital artwork, clip art, stock footage, and video animation clips. And console yourself with this, too: River potty trained before he was three and then backslid when he was 5 (!). Lots of fibre, plenty of fluids, basically keeping things moving enough that she just can’t keep it in. Have him drink a glass of water, eat a piece of fruit, or a small serving of prune juice, and then sit on the potty again in twenty or thirty minutes. Every time it comes up people tell us to just put him in underwear and let him feel how uncomfortable it is when he pees himself. Peeing in the toilet did not click with my firstborn until I put him in actual underwear(with the rubber underwear over it to minimize the mess) and he felt the pee in his underwear.
So he gingerly with one finger and his thumb on each side, pulled them down (for he didn’t want to get HIS fingers wet) and changed his own. Peed himself, didn’t say anything, and sat in it for a good ten minutes before we noticed. He would get three chocolate kisses if he pooped in the potty, we even had a sticker chart for him.
The thing that finally worked was a book that showed the kid getting a parade for pooping in the toilet. If he pooped ten times in a row in the potty he would get a long time coveted toy, and even that didn’t work. Finally I gave him an ultimatum, if he pooped in his pull-up(cause I was tired off cleaning pooped underwear), he would get a nice cold spray down in the bath tub with the removable shower head.
The next day was success and we marched up and down the house waving flags, banging drums, chanting like idiots.
I kept true to my word, he seriously disliked the cold wash, so I told him his option was to poop in the potty or get a wash down everytime he popped in his pull-up. Thankfully he chose the potty, because I did not want to have to go through with the threat. Three years later I had to start with daughter number two who luckily thought potty training was cool for the first month before retreating from all efforts and needed a parade of her own.

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