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Image Entertainment and One Village Entertainment proudly present a moving and very contemporary story of struggle, determination and, ultimately, self-empowerment with Diary of a Single Mom.
With an estimated 11 million single mothers in America, this compelling film illuminates the travails and triumphs of women valiantly confronting the vicissitudes of modern life. In the center of a societal storm is Ocean (Monica Calhoun, Bagdad Cafe, The Best Man), a 27-year old, extremely motivated mother who manages a neighborhood apartment building and the myriad problems that come with it.
Diary of a Single Mom also stars Leon (Waiting To Exhale, The Five Heartbeats), Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, Lady Sings the Blues) Richard Roundtree (Shaft, Se7en), and Valery Ortiz (“Two and a Half Men”), whose characters bring hope, humor, wisdom and gentle guidance to the often stormy seas of Ocean’s daily life. I decided to prepare a list of things that may express how you might be a tired single working mom of a toddler. While taking a shower, you yell for your child to make sure they are still alive and kicking. You quickly sign up to bring plates, napkins, and utensils to EVERY upcoming event at your child’s school. Your entire schedule during the week depends on the Open hours of your child’s daycare center.
You set your alarm a little earlier than usual while your child is still asleep so you can take a long relaxing shower, but instead you hit the snooze button on your alarm to squeeze in 10 more minutes of sleep. You put a load of clothes to wash several times over several days because you keep forgetting that the load is still in the washer.
You don’t take out the remaining clothes in the dryer after you take out your work outfit. You go to sleep alone in your bed and wake up when your child’s foot smacks you in the face.

You work out in your dreams because you surely have no time to do it while you’re awake. On the rare occasion you get to your child’s daycare earlier than normal for pickup, you take a nap in your car so you pick them up right on time. You choose your battles carefully – fight your child because they want to bring a toy hammer to class? You always bring your female friends with you to your child’s school events to the point that other parents become concerned that you are lesbian parents. You can’t wait for your friends to come over for a visit because it means a parenting break for at least 20 minutes.
You spend more time sleeping and cleaning while your child is visiting their father, rather than going out and spending time with your friends.
You go into a semi-coma (my phrase for falling asleep and unable to wake up except for simple tasks like changing the channel or grabbing a snack and some juice for your child) at least once a month, while your child sits next to you and watches television. You’re inspired to write your own post about being a tired single working mommy of a toddler. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Epic Mommy Adventures is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Directed by Robert Townsend (The Five Heartbeats, Meteor Man) and first broadcast on TV One, the DVD release will be available January 10, 2012.
Diary of a Single Mom chronicles the seemingly endless challenges and ultimate successes of three urban women struggling to create lives that not only sustain them and their extended families, but also inspire others toward self-determination and compassion in their own lives.

Can you use the washroom without your toddler wanting visit you and sit on your lap or yelling at you from the other room looking for you? I’m glad I’m not the only one who takes one outfit out of the dryer and leaves the rest of the clothes in there! I wondered if I was the only one that does the dryer thing – I’m glad that you do it too! When I am so tired, I only hear little things like my son asking me for something to drink or eat. Most importantly, I'm a single mom to my adorable son, who drives me nuts in one moment and melts my heart in the next. Or he wants to show me something, so he’s yelling to me from the other room until finally he just comes over to show me. I can’t say I’ve personally been through these, but this is a good read for what to expect when I do have kids!
I enjoy sharing our epic stories, giving advice to other single moms, and sharing my co-parenting woes.

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