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Based on this information about myself, I knew I had to come up with a solution for my sleepless nights, when my baby was 5 months old. It is a life skill to that you are teaching your child like walking, talking, crawling etc. You want to have the energy to get through the day without dreaming about when and where you are going to sleep next. There are a myriad of ways to do this, so research and pick the method that you are going to be able to consistently stick to without giving up. It takes a lot of mental preparation to make this journey.  It is not the easiest thing you will do, but you need to stick to it, once you have embarked on it. Make sure you have a lot of support around you and all caregivers are on board to help you through this.

About Visa Shanmugam: Visa has been personally trained by Dana Obleman, the creator of The Sleep Sense™ Program, whose methods have been used worldwide by more than 30,000 families to solve their children’s sleep problems. Within less than a week, I had a little boy that falls asleep on his own, and sleeps through the night! We now have our evenings back and both kids are asleep by 8:00 every night, sleeping until 7:00 am! Finally stopping his night time feeding (3 times a night) meant that I could actually get a full night's sleep as well. She offers one-on-one sessions and group seminars for parents, and is available to lead workshops at drop-in groups or for public appearances. We feel like new parents and now are armed with the tools we need to give our children the best sleep possible!

I wish I had known when Collin was little and I would have saved myself almost three years of agony. Is it selfish to want them to sleep through the night just so that you can get some shut eye? If you could please also credit the photo you’ve used from our blog, that would be ideal.

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