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I'm afraid of the amount of work required for finish carpentry so the idea of someone else making cabinets is appealing. After renting a U-haul cargo trailer last week I realized how I miss my pickup but the trailer was even better for hauling a dining room set.
If ordering new you can get all sorts of options like different roof heights, RV style side doors & windows, insulation packages, etc.
With a side door for bedroom access you could do a full teardrop style rear kitchen and even include cabinets on the rear doors.
I think $3,000 to $4,500 is reasonable for the cargo trailers but no way is the interior worth $8,000 to me.
The Uhaul had a LONG tongue and with fairly high ground clearance the top was probably close to 7' high.

I have been thinking for a while that it might be cool to take a 5x8 cargo trailer, remove the rear doors, and make a slideout bedroom in the back. Long time researching the abandoned South Pennsylvania Railroad along the Pennsylvania Turnpike. All content is copyrighted to Little Vintage Trailer and respected photographers of original photos. It is a 6x10 and a queen size bed, (the one seen is only set up for twin, I removed part of the bed for transporting displays I was doing that weekend in Somerset, Pa.) added electric for heat and toaster, as well as lights.
After a time they replace older, or damaged trailors with new ones, and sell the ones they are replacing on their web site.
I was flooded with members asking me questions, yet, had no idea where they were getting their info from o rwhere they heard of my trailer.

I had it posted to another forum, but I would get PM's from that forum regarding questions. Little Vintage Trailer cannot be held liable for any errors in the listing or any transaction of a camper that is listed on this blog that is not solely owned by us. Comes with the original hammock bunk and gas light, and an outside storage box mounted on tongue.
With the divided door, this would also make a great vendor’s trailer!  Reduced to $2300 or best offer.

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