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When we did our bathroom remodel, we had really tight dimensions to work with - the floor space is about 4x4 - and I really really wanted the Toto Aquia - great modern lines, great look, dual flush and good reviews - so was crossing my fingers that the Toto Aquia would fit - it did and I absolutely love it!
Kohler's Rialto, with its low profile tank and sleek one-piece design, has been praised for its durability as well.
Duravit's wall mounted Starck toilet, designed by Phillipe Starck, is stylish in its simplicity.
We've been using two wall-mounted Starck 2's for several years now and have never had any problems other than a block of bleach getting stuck in the cistern once and disrupting the water flow.
Commenter laffcat says "I just posted on AT about my new Alexis dual-flush toilet from Sam's Club!
Over the years readers have consistently raved about it for style, quality and dependability.

It's been installed for about 3 years, has never seen a plunger, and rarely do we need to use the #2 flush.
There are more options today and yet there are still a couple toilets that review the best among readers. We've had our Toto for 2 years now and only had to pull out the plunger once - which was awkward because you've got a round plunger and an oval cavity. Based on reader comments, TOTO seems to be the most popular brand but we also saw shout outs for Kohler, Duravit and others. We liked it so much that we purchased an additional one when Expo went out of business and will go in a remodeled master bath someday.
But not all design ideas bathroom interior design fits perfectly into any bathroom, because some bathroom interior has a distinctive visual edge to appear larger, while some minimalist house has a bathroom with very narrow latitude even, perhaps minor renovations to improve latitude.

To make your bathroom look larger, you can consider using small toilets.Many advantages when you install a small toilet.
So, for a small fee you can renovate your small bathroom to look bigger.If you are interested in using a small toilet, you can find it at a local store in your area.
With the internet, you will find many sites that sell a small toilet with a wide range of prices and models.
Read product reviews on the right, until you get a product that you really are looking for.

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