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Although we encourage the reduced usage of paper in our articles, we couldn’t skip this example of gadgetry. It is equipped with a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery and does not use ink or toner, so you don’t have to worry about those expenses or the potential mess toners and ink-cartridges can make during traveling.
To use the PrintStik, you first have to charge its internal batteries by connecting the included USB adapter or cable to a computer or wall outlet. Since the paper is folded inside the cartridge (in a roll as most thermal paper) the printed material comes out a bit curled. The paper for this printer costs nearly as much as the GB printer itself; speaking of paper the GB printer could be loaded with every day till roll which you can pick up for less than a buck.
Back in the day, it did cost around $100 with a drop to $75 when they didn’t sell well. These printers generally aren’t best bang for a buck, but they are useful in some occasions (as I mentioned in my conclusion). BTW, you can find the PS905 Network Thermal Label Printer version of PlanOn Printstik at Amazon for $40 less than retail. Our website is protected by Akismet and any spam or non-related discussion will be blacklisted. If you want your image next to your comments, please register at Gravatar and set your image there. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
The Nomad is small so it doesn’t take up much room in the car or garage, has just enough pressure to get the job done, is quiet and easy to operate.
Tom Boonen’s comments above no doubt are right when applied to real power washers, but I think he overstates the pressures generated by this device.
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Mini Compact Portable Washing Machines For Apartments, Dorms, RVs, Camping, Travel; Jeans, T-Shirts, Towels and more. This little portable washing machine goes anywhere and is great for small loads of clothes like delicates, underwear, socks, T-shirts, towels, jeans and more. Perfect for apartments,dorm rooms, RVs, camping or just a second compact countertop washer at home for those small loads. These little washers are a perfect size to sit on a countertop be that in your small apartment, dorm room or in an RV. They are fairly lightweight so you can use them on the countertop by the sink and then store them away for the next use. Something like the Panda small mini portable compact washer shown to the left has a 5.5 lb capacity and is easy to use. No more lugging dirty clothes to the laundry mat every week along with the endless hunt for quarters. Washing Machine ideal for Dorm Rooms, Apartments, Condos, Motor Homes, RV's, Camping and more.
You can also chose a number of different washing times; suggestions according to the fabric you want to wash and the amount of water you will be using. This a NEW REDESIGN for 2016 - Lightweight at only 11 pounds making washing in small and compact places possible and easy. This compact washer is for those who live in small apartments, dorm rooms or any small space without traditional washer hookups.

The Eco-egg automatic mini washer is a countertop washing machine with an automatic rinse cycle. This little washer is ideal for campers, single persons, college students, motorhomes and apartment dwellers. One customer who loves the washer recommends that you use a mesh back for clothes that might snag easily. Great for washing small loads whether you are camping at a park or on a long road trip in your RV. With the Basecamp you can do your laundry in the comfort of your home, while doing other things. Great to carry with you to hotel rooms, camp sites or just to use in your own home or dorm room.
This compact mini washing machine has a 4.4 lb capacity, enough to wash larger clothes items like jeans. You can manually choose the washing time and number of rinses on the Laundry Alternative mini washer.. Sits on your countertop and comes with drain hose and hose to plug into the sink faucet for filling.
A nice washer feature is a BUILT-IN drain pump which effortless automatically drains water from the washing machine. This portable washing machine is ideal for small loads and delicates, such as socks, underwear, T-shirt, towels, etc.
Portable Mini Washing Machines are great for small spaces where you don't have traditional washer and dryer hookups. You may even want one as a second washer at home to use for small loads of delicates, jeans, t-shirts or towels.
You will also be able to enjoy the significant savings over using the coin-op machines at the laundrymat.
You may chose to hand dry on a drying rack or select a portable laundry dryer for faster drying.
Another option for reducing drying time is the Centrifugal Clothes Portable Spin Dryer which can cut drying time by some 30 minutes or more and is much gentler on your clothes than so much hot air blowing on them.
You will, of couse, be doing more loads than if you went to the laundromat, but you won't have to leave home and will be able to keep your clothes fresh, clean and ready to go. Planon PrintStik with Mobile Enhanced application is the smallest full-page portable printer with self contained paper on the current market. More than a decade ago, Nintendo released the GameBoy printer (also known as Pocket Printer) but it didn’t become widely spread since it did cost a lot, and you had do use special heat-sensitive paper. However, you still have to print on heat-sensitive paper which is much more affordable nowadays, and they offer their paper refill cartridges with storage for 20 sheets (roll) of standard letter-sized paper. They are able to print in resolutions from 100 to 400 dpi (the most expensive model can achieve 600 dpi). While it is most useful for text, the image printing quality of their mid-priced printer isn’t quite impressive.
Yeah, you could print GB camera photos or your high score… and that pretty much sums its versatility and capabilities. 6 pack of their thermal paper refill cartridge (that’s 120 pages in total) costs $18. A model that would be comparable to your needs would be the AirLift Comfort Shoulder Bag Oxygen Cylinder Carrier.

It may not be the best part about riding, but when done properly can bring a sense of satisfaction and a job well done. The first is an 18 volt battery (charger included) or a 12 volt power cord so you can plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter. These Portable Mini Washing Machines are great for small loads of such things as delicates, socks, T-shirts, towels, jeans etc.
Just fill this Panda small compact portable clothes washing machine with water and set the timer.
They can sit on a countertop in the kitchen or bath or if you are camping out in your RV then just sit them on a rock or stump somewhere. Just load it at night with that days clothes, leave it soaking and then finish the load the next morning. With the trend of laptops getting smaller and cell phones turning into computers, it is natural to expect the printers and scanners to become smaller and portable. Since the print on the heat-sensitive paper perishes through time, the durability of the printed information is important.
Since they are not meant to be used too often, the printing speed isn’t pretty impressive and it up to 3 pages per minute. Planon’s Mobile Enhanced driver includes a print server service for your BlackBerry, Win Mobile smart phones or PC (Mac not directly supported, OS X with virtual PC installed needed) to print full size web pages, almost any attachment, as well as emails, maps, pictures or address book. Unlatch it from the base, fill it up, lock it back on, attach the hose to the unit and spray nozzle, turn it on and go. While the battery life is not expressly stated, the battery will last long enough to go through the full three and a half gallons three times according to the Nomad website. At $250 retail it’s not cheap, but you could easliy use it to clean the car, camping gear, a kayak or, according to Nomad, your dog. Everything will come out fresh smelling, very clean and you will use very little detergent. They also developed a portable scanner, but we’re going to write about it in one of our upcoming articles. The thermal technology is ideal for portable porpoises, allowing trouble-free instant monochrome printing. Regarding the connectivity, all of the models are able to connect via USB, and only the cheapest model can’t connect via Bluetooth.
This device is not for everyone, but it can be useful when you need to show or print a ticket or receipt, forgot a document or wish to avoid boarding pass lineups. Caked on mud, grit in the derailleurs or grime on your chain can take some serious time and energy. For the 24 Hour mountain bike racer or the neat freak that only puts a clean bike in their car, the Nomad is worth a look. This portable model was designed for bikes and the like, not for industrial strength cleaning. Put it on the narrow stream for cleaning the drivetrain, then back it off a bit and spray off all the dust and dirt from the frame. There is also a small trigger lock button so you can let go of the trigger and it will continue to spray.

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