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Vertical-inspired design, light colors and proper use of lighting and mirrors (strategically placed to avoid having to look at yourself on the toilet, of course) are all things I've got in mind for re-doing the space. The barrier between toilet and sink is tall enough for privacy but low enough to avoid a cramped toilet niche. Great wallpaper, lighting and window shades make this tiny bathroom area much more interesting.
We mainly supply high grade faucets bathroom faucet, sink faucets, bath faucets, automatic faucet, vessel faucets, vanity faucet mixer and all kinds of taps). A bathroom vanity is undoubtedly the focal point of a bathroom in any house remodeling or decorating project. Every time you want to do a small bathroom remodel you feel like you have been punished because it is very hard to redecorate a small space.

Adding a mirror into your bathroom is very important and for a small bathroom you should get a big one. Another way you can make your bathroom look bigger is by adding ceramic tiles, they should be from the top to the floor. Because you do not have much space to work with the last thing you should do is install a tub or keep it if you have it. It is not that hard to get a small bathroom remodel if you know what you want and if you take into consideration the elements that you have to include in order to make it look bigger.
The six-person spa features an eye-catching black-etched Palm tree design panel in front and a striking apple red back-panel.  . As more and more firms begin to visualize bathrooms as areas for indulgence and living, the concepts they put forward tend to reflect this philosophy.

There is no need to be sad because even if you have a small bathroom you can still make it your own and make it look bigger, you just need to know some tricks. If you have a big sink with a cabinet beneath it you have to get rid of it because it take up a lot of space and it makes your bathroom look small. You will have to spend a considerable amount of money and time but in the need you will not regret it. Make sure that you have room for everything because the last thing you want is a bathroom full of clutter.

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