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As a staple bathroom item, toilet paper is usually bought in bulk to save money, trips to the supermarket and disaster empty-handed situations. If you have an extremely small bathroom like this one, above the water closet offers good space to store spare toilet rolls.
Tall cylinder  vases are an interesting and stylish way to store the not-so-glamorous necessities.
Under the sink is not the most obvious place to store things, but if you are living in a small house or apartment, you cannot miss this storage opportunity. Thrift stores offer wonderful racks or stands that can be used to store toilet paper rolls. I always love multifunctional things and this room divider fits perfectly in that category! This is an example of how bathroom necessities and toilet paper storage can blend in with the rest of the room perfectly. For a small bathroom, it is important to have neat and organized toilet paper storage solution.
Sustainable Living Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for folks dedicated to a lifestyle that can be maintained indefinitely without depleting available resources. I think it may (and does in Japan) replace a normal sink in a guest toilet, but for all other purposes, you need at least another sink.
Your waste water will sit inside the tank, and that waste water better be just clear water, otherwise you will have to clean the tank from the inside every week or so. You would also have to install an extra faucet, unless you want to flush the toilet everytime you wash your hands.
I actually regard them ideal for guest toilets just for the reason you mention, but they are not a replacement for a regular sink. Reducing water usage - yes, it will definitely do that over a separate sink and toilet, but not over a sink with a waste pipe feeding into the toilet.
So while the above could work in some form, I'd actually suggest another idea - could you not get a conventional sink and run the waste outlet to the toilet bowl?
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged water home or ask your own question. The toilet interior will become one of important role to determine the comfortability for the toilet.
We mainly supply high grade faucets bathroom faucet, sink faucets, bath faucets, automatic faucet, vessel faucets, vanity faucet mixer and all kinds of taps). A bathroom vanity is undoubtedly the focal point of a bathroom in any house remodeling or decorating project. Not only do the natural stone tiles in this family bathroom add a spa-style touch, but the continuous run of tiles creates a spacious feel, along with the wall-hung fixtures that save on space. The exposed brickwork in this bathroom acts as a great feature wall, working well alongside the deep blue paint either side to add interest and depth to the small space.

Wooden panelling painted cream and teamed with white walls and sanitaryware keep this scheme light.
A large skylight maximises light in this compact attic bathroom, with pale walls adding to the impression of extra space. Although one might assume that dark wood should be avoided in a small bathroom, used wisely, it can add a chic feel to the room. Go for a black, white and grey colour scheme to get that hotel-chic look in a small bathroom. A shelf packed with antique jugs and vases lies above two aged floral canvases creating an eye-catching focal point without taking up any valuable space. The sloping ceilling in this bathroom gives it the appearance of being small, but the large window helps to balance this out by allowing light to pour into the room.
You are here for see more detail about Bathroom designs for small spaces image that is posted at related category. Please, upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. But where and how to store a small mountain of toilet paper rolls is a question that has been asked many times. This is one of the most efficient and attractive toilet paper storage solutions I have ever seen!
You can choose baskets that look interesting, for example this metal wire basket adds some rustic charm to the bathroom, which goes beautifully with the shabby chic cabinet. Toilet paper trees are not only great storage solutions but also act as a very stylish display.
Organize your cleaning supplies and extra toilet rolls neatly under the sink and you will be surprised how spacious it actually is! A carefully chosen multi-tier stand in matching color does not only store plenty of supplies but also add a nice charm to the bathroom.
So the next time you are in a thrift or decoration store, keep your eyes open for any long ornament that can be used for toilet roll storage!
Even though toilet paper is not a glamorous thing, it is not the best idea to hide them totally away. Washing with water from a Hand Bidet Sprayer is far cleaner, healthier, saves money and you never run out! From what I've read, the sink stops working when the float rises above a certain level, necessitating a flush. However, it looks like it does so at the cost of accessibility, it looks rather awkward leaning over the toilet bowl to get to the sink each time, and I could well imagine that getting annoying over time. Sure, there's less there but the novelty of this particular item leads me to believe that unless you know a source you can get it from cheaply, you may not be saving as much as you think. You don't have the same space savings, but small sinks don't take up too much room anyway, and this way you still have the same water conservation in effect.

As you mention, it is always possible to feed the toilet reservoir with waste water from the sink, if the water savings are your goal. Tucking the bath behind the door and between the wall and toilet cistern maximises the use of space. Elegant bathroom fixtures are complimented by classic accessories like the antique-style clock and miniature wall-hung cabinet.
Pretty towels and patterned china accessories add blue accents to the scheme, while a traditional pedestal sink creates a classic feel. Here, it has been teamed with pristine white furnishings and walls, to bring out the richness of the wood. Here, black bathroom tiles add definition to the soft grey walls, and a glass shower screen gives the illusion of more space – ideal for narrower bathrooms.
The mix of rustic accessories creates a unified country look that, with painted walls and panelling, has a French-style feel to it. The white furnishings help to bounce light around the room, while the wooden panelling and paintings add character. A partition wall keeps the shower space separate, but still open plan, while black tiles define it as a zoned area.
HomeIdeasMag was started as a simple blog in June 2012 and today we have almost 600 unique articles with more than 10,000 pictures …so we’re pretty sure that you can find everything you want here. The toilet paper tree can be found on many online stores, for example on sitondesign at $180. If you have to store them all in a visible place, say a shelf in the bathroom, try to organize them in a visually pleasing shape so they can be seen even as a decoration rather than a cluttered mess.
I would to hear from you on this so if you email me & want to talk about it, I will provide my via email but not on here. But not all design ideas bathroom interior design fits perfectly into any bathroom, because some bathroom interior has a distinctive visual edge to appear larger, while some minimalist house has a bathroom with very narrow latitude even, perhaps minor renovations to improve latitude.
To make your bathroom look larger, you can consider using small toilets.Many advantages when you install a small toilet. So, for a small fee you can renovate your small bathroom to look bigger.If you are interested in using a small toilet, you can find it at a local store in your area. With the internet, you will find many sites that sell a small toilet with a wide range of prices and models. Read product reviews on the right, until you get a product that you really are looking for.

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