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Hand washing prevents the spread of harmful bacteria and we hope that, with your help, each child in pre-school will learn how to wash their hands properly and get into the habit of washing their hands after messy play, before they eat and after they use the toilet.
This poster is being distributed in the Republic of Ireland to all childcare providers listed with the Health Service Executive and the County Childcare Committees and also to Family Resource Centres.
There’s something fascinating about albums that never came to fruition, songs that were shelved, collaborations that were too shite to be released, no? However, although the song was used for the trailer, looking at the disgruntled comments on YouTube it seems it doesn’t appear in the film itself at all. But fear not, for the official theme is just as noteworthy, having been written and performed by 80s soundtrack faves Huey Lewis and the News.

It does have a stoner vibe to it though, which is appropriate for the film but feels a leetle odd coming from a guy who is *checks Wikipedia* 58 years of age. In Northern Ireland, it was sent to all childcare providers registered with the Health and Social Services Trusts and to those childcare providers listed with the Department of Education and to Sure Start and Home Start Centres. A few months ago Media Week touched on the notion of a brand breaking an entirely new band in the manner that record companies traditionally have. Billy in particular sounds even more menacing than in the original, which is how I prefer to see him – rather than like this.
And lo, watching some televisual entertainment later the same day it came on again during the ad break.

Me neither, which is a shame really, because the insanely popular drivetime residents are about to embark on a whole new brand-related publicity thingy. You wouldn’t ask him to dress up as Santa at your local shopping centre and have kiddies on his lap.

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