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Having a pimply rash on your body can cause a lot of pain, discomfort and possibly embarrassment. Depending upon the type of rash, you may experience patchy red skin with small bumps or solid red skin with large bumps.
Chickenpox can cause you to have a pimply rash all over your body, according to To avoid developing a bacterial or viral infection, stay away from those who are infected with an illness that you could contract, such as chickenpox. Talk to your health care provider right away should you begin to notice signs of infection, such as pus, fever or a foul odor. Let me address those one at a time, and maybe you can see how I can still be such a novice mother after 10 children and 26 years. I realized the other day that one of the reasons I am not more adept at this is that I start completely from scratch every two years or so. There is a certain security that comes with the American way of life, an expectation that the future is predictable and controllable. Sometimes, however, that facade of control is lifted and we see our life here on earth as the temporary, wind blown thing that it is.
Eleven years ago, on a completely normal morning, I came to the realization that our house was on fire. The insurance company moved us into a rental house, and suddenly everything we had was not our own. With six children, we were living day by day on white carpet that didn’t even belong to us.
We eventually moved back to our home, replaced most of our belongings with new purchases and went on with life as normal. Due to circumstances outside of our control we find ourselves again in a rental home, in a tangibly temporary situation.
One day recently, as I was fussing to myself about not knowing how the next step of our living situation will pan out, I found myself remembering the days right after the fire. I don’t have those mushy saying goodbye kind of feelings right now, since he has no plans to move out. Then suddenly, emails, phone calls, invitations in the mail, notes home from school, and more all begin to fly in at once. I knew I hadn’t blogged in a while, that much was obvious, but I had to pull up my website to actually see when my last published post was.
Let’s go all the way back to October of 2014, when I discovered that baby number 10 (or 12, including the two miscarriages) was on her way.
About the time life was moving along swimmingly again, our 20 year old daughter came to us and told us of a new family member brewing. Being pregnant at the same time as one of my daughters wasn’t quite the picnic I imagined it to be.
During the last month of my pregnancy we discovered that Gwendolyn was transverse and I had excess amniotic fluid.
Long (birth) story short: at 38 weeks she turned head down and was born vaginally three days later. About a week after she was born, we got some strange phone calls and found out that our identity had been stolen.
Next up, I had been having pain in my upper abdomen each evening for a few days when it suddenly became unbearable. Around the time I had fully recovered from my surgery, Elliot, my first grandchild, came screeching and humming into the world. At this point in our story, my own baby was finally starting to come out of her colicky phase. There are other things I’m sure I have forgotten, but I’m just trying to list the reasons I haven’t made writing a priority. Last weekend we had the privilege of attending a Called and Gifted workshop given by the St. I was excited to attend, but found myself in a state of fear as we drove home after the first night.
I know that what I do is valuable, but with the stress and intense activity of the last year, I had set aside almost everything I used to do that was not based in my vocation as a wife and mother. It was like I had been looking in a foggy, dirty mirror for so long and someone finally cleaned it. Looking at my list, I saw that the things I do naturally are not just quirks or flaws, they are how God put me together, wound me up, and sent me out into the world. July 30, 2015 By Jenni 3 Comments When my fourth baby was born, my first child had only recently turned 7. That first time with all the little ones, I felt like I had to keep up with the pace of life in the general population. In this wild and loud, hush-the baby’s-sleeping time of our lives, I will be ticking off minutes slowly and seeing the weeks go by in a flash, trying to cram it all into my brain: the tiny baby who still feels like a bean bag whose sighs sound like heaven itself, the dimpled knuckles on my 3 year old’s hands and how he looks like such a big boy unless he is peacefully sleeping, the 5 year old who reads so slowly and is so proud of herself, the 7 year old who always does her best to help out and always dances when she goes down the hall. I don’t try to hide the fact that I have a larger than average family, but I don’t usually volunteer the information, either. I am also not usually offended when people ask questions, even those they would never ask someone with one or two children, because in general I think people are just curious and want to know how others live.
I confess that I have been expecting this “helpful” advice since the Pope made those statements and have read some well done blog posts about the context of them in preparation. Maybe I should have been more ready to evangelize, especially since this man had just been talking about sending his granddaughter to a Catholic school next year. The problem with what he said wasn’t just that it was rude and intrusive, it was that I had that exact thought when I found out I was pregnant this time.
I had several mornings a week when everyone was in school and I could work on writing, shopping, or catching up with the general work that needed to be done.
As I stared at those two pink lines that morning, I saw all that slipping through my fingers.
This time my lesson came in the form of a beautiful book that has been instrumental in changing my heart: Into Your Hands, Father by Wilfred Stinessen. For example, when I start trying to figure out exactly how something is God’s will and what He intends to use it for in my life. That conversation threw me back into turmoil for a few hours, but I was able to remember why it wasn’t a problem.
Many times people have come up to me and told me that I am “just lucky” that my kids behave so well in mass.
My husband is a cantor at our parish, and has been in the choir since I met him in high school. Some families choose to split up the task and have one parent stay home with the little ones while the other one attends and then switch. A variety of reasons, such as viral or bacterial infections, could explain a pimple-like rash all over your body. The severity of the rash will determine if the rash develops in patches or solid streaks on your skin.
The pimples may start small when you initially begin to show symptoms of the viral infection, and grow larger until the viral infection clears. Keeping your skin clean and dry can decrease the risk of infection and crusting from oozing sores. If you begin to experience a severe allergic reaction and the pimples turn into hives, you may need immediate medical care. Each time a baby comes, I have to take time to physically recover and then I step back into running my home, but it is different after each baby.
When I feel overwhelmed my first impulse is to sit down and start making lists: things to do, stuff to get rid of, any way I can grasp to dig myself out of the mess I feel I am in. Suddenly that normal, predictable morning became a pivot point into a time when our lack of control over our life was abundantly clear every moment of every day.
While we were well taken care of by our church community and our insurance, ownership and control were things we no longer had much access to.
Each time I pass a wall that has a new scribble on it from the toddler (on flat paint, no less) I cringe and worry about the marks we are leaving here. I was reminded that no matter how comfortable we are here, no matter how under control or permanent our situation feels, this is not our true home. But when I remember that all this is temporary, then I can live better in the idea of God’s providence and a focus on my true home with Him, in Heaven. But I am sure they will hit me at some point in the next few weeks and turn me into a puddle. Since I am, ahem, of advanced maternal age, being pregnant was a little harder on my body and I struggled to keep up physically. I promise, I will put her birth story on my to do list and get that posted sometime before she turns one. There was no personal financial damage but it was very stressful and took a lot of time and many phone calls to clear up.
It was kind of weird for me to be on the other side of postpartum issues, I’m usually the one recovering. There are also a lot of feelings mixed up in the above list of events, but I can unpack those another day. We were given instructions to take a test to help us narrow down the areas to begin to discern our charisms, but we were instructed not to look at the potential outcomes, lest we semi-consciously try to influence the results of the test with what we want to be. It took a little longer than the suggested 40 minutes, because I had to do it with the baby alternately sleeping and climbing all over me while I worked. Some things were easy and obvious to me, and some were things I wished I could say I did, but they didn’t characterize me at all. If my very first inclination in dealing with difficulty is to write about it and then read a book (or vice versa). I still have a lot of discerning to do regarding mine and I want you to be able to find yours without a preconceived notion of what you want them to be.
He still never goes to bed on time, but if he is tired the next day it is his own fault, and not something I have to lose (much) sleep over.
It will be all over the floor the first time someone goes for something at the bottom of the pile.

It is my job to be kind to people and decide on my own personal boundaries for what I will and will not share. I just told him that there was a lot more that the Pope said about families during that conversation and the ones that came before it in the Philippines. But I was tired, slightly nauseated, and had just spent two hours helping to keep track of a group of 5 year olds in a crowded museum. I will still pursue outlets for my talents and interests, but I will be more careful now of letting them hold me back from my family, especially from delighting in this precious new baby who is truly a gift.
There were times when it was more difficult and times when it was less difficult, but it is always an exhausting experience.
I know some kids who were brought up in families who did that, and they turned out just fine. We are not teaching them to sit still and be quiet in mass, we are teaching them to worship God. It is imperative that you seek proper medical attention to treat the rash, as certain products can further irritate your skin causing your rash to worsen.
The discharge from the pimples or bumps may dry on your skin and cause crusting, which may make it more difficult to wash the area. If you believe you have a bacterial infection, such as a staph infection, seek medical attention right away. If you've had eczema in the past, apply a daily moisturizer after bathing to help reduce breakouts.
But here is a funny thing, I am so tired from trying to stay up late to make sure the computer gets turned off when the older kids are done with their homework, being up with the baby off and on all night, and then up at the crack of dawn with the younger kids, I start to doubt my own mind. And when I don’t cook it, it is still my job to figure out what it is going to be and how much it is going to cost.
The family has grown, the kids are going through their own adjustments, the bedroom assignments have shifted.
It gives the appearance and expectation that what is ours is ours, under our control, and somewhat permanent – at least until we ourselves decide to make a change. A few years later we moved to a new house, one that we meant to be our “forever home.” Again we settled in and filled all the corners, living our lives with the expectation that the situation was permanent and under control. There isn’t going to be much of a theme to this one, unless random thoughts is a theme, which I guess it is.
Okay, he’s not the youngest child here, nor does he act babyish (did he ever?) But he was our the baby of the first “set” of kids.
If I get one more email from school about, well, anything at this point, I may lose my mind. Gwendolyn will be 10 months old on Sunday and is still taking one hour naps during the day and mostly sleeping 2 hour stretches at night. Maybe I will conclude by just being very thankful that our kids’ teachers don’t give us a grade for our parenting and follow through with homework and projects for the past year.
So now that I have one regular post up, I thought I would tell you about this past year and how things are going. I have to say, my parents did an excellent job of adjusting the the news, and I tried to follow suit.
And two pregnant women in the house is probably not fun for the rest of the people, but I’m just guessing there. I was admitted, although it took them over 12 hours to find me a bed, and diagnosed with gallbladder pancreatitis. My daughter Posy had a hard time getting nursing started, enduring a lot of pain and worry in those first days and weeks. I’m happy to do it again this year if I can, but it was a major event with all the other things we had going on. I worried that either there wouldn’t be anything for me, or that my charism would be something along the lines of only mother-oriented tasks. But as the months ticked by I found myself unable to find a way to reintroduce those activities. After I finished, I tallied up my scores and the instructions said to circle the 6 highest scores. None of the things were directly related to what I am in relation to others, but they were who I am. Or if you come to me with a problem and the best thing I can do is offer you a metaphor for another way to look at your situation it’s not because I’m a socially stunted introvert*. It is interesting to note that the items I tested high on fit perfectly with my Myers-Briggs personality type, INTJ, the brain in a jar personality. Things are busier now, with older children come larger concerns – college applications, dating and other social drama, and car insurance, just to name a few. I lived through that tough year, and it really didn’t last all that long, even though the minutes within it could drag on forever. No, the mistakes I made with them that year will stand in their memories or a therapist’s notebook.
Last night I heartily congratulated myself for being able to get some of the laundry done and folded when the 5 year old came up and said, “Yay!
I have watched other mothers who have had the gumption and the brains to slow down when the kids were young and not try to be all things to all people.
Then they will be driving their own cars away, living their own lives that I only know snippets of.
I need a little quarantine for a while, until the toxicity has died down a bit, then I am ready to rejoin the living.
I’m trying to make this Quick Takes actually quick and just stick my toes back in the water. I am just tired of having to either defend my choice or explain personal details of my life to an openly hostile or friendly but overly-curious public. After touring the museum, we went to a park with the kids to eat lunch and let them play a while. My family is big and complicated, but suddenly I was finding a little space for myself to breathe and to get caught up on sleep. My heart gets restless and the mundane, repetitive parts of my life begin to drain my energy.
I can look into the past and see how He has used other events, both positive and negative, to bless me and guide me closer to Him.
While one of our options is for him to accompany me and the kids to a mass when he is not singing, it has been easier on our schedule to attend a mass when he is singing and for me to sit with the kids.
If you don’t want your child to crawl away under the pews, don’t let them sit on the floor. I find that people in my family, myself included, can sit better in mass when they can see what is happening. Right now we sit in this order: 4 year old, me with 2 year old on my lap or on one side, 9 year old, 7 year old, then older kids. When kneeling near a child, I will often hold them close and whisper simple prayers into their ear, or talk about some of the things in mass or the decoration of the church. It will also cause your skin to swell in the affected areas, and is most common in young children. You may also find it uncomfortable to wear certain types of clothing, such as long-sleeved shirts or materials such as rayon or polyester, which do not allow your skin to breathe as cotton would. recommends using calamine lotion to treat allergic reactions, such as reactions to poison ivy or sumac. Our furniture, sheets and towels, even our kitchenware were rented items as we waited for our house to be fixed. How on earth were we supposed to live with these belongings that weren’t even ours without damaging them?
When I look toward my next home, I need to keep in mind that it is still not my permanent home, but only a working and resting place on the way to my true home. I did get a 4 hour stretch of sleep out of her the other night, but I paid for it the next night in 1 hour wakeup calls. I’ll probably skip some things accidentally, but this isn’t a life story, it’s mostly just a list of excuses – no, just a story about why I let a lot of things slide for a very long time. I was finally sleeping through the night on a regular basis and that made me feel so very normal. We let her know that we were here for her and would do all we could to support her as she went forward. But at the start of 2016, when both babies were still really little all I could do was sit on the floor and rock one and then the other. Whether extraordinary or ordinary, all charisms ought to be exercised in the service of God. They showed the particular tools that are natural to me to use as I encounter others, my work, and the world. But now with these little ones, I find myself saying not “This, too, shall pass.” but “Oh no, this is passing too quickly!” As I rock our two week old baby in the fussy evenings, while listening to the older kids race around the house with the occasional crash of something falling or tears from a collision with a sibling I think back to that endless year when we had those first four children and wonder where the time went.
But as a mother, I get to do this again – a closely spaced group of small children, school days, bedtimes, parks and games and activities.
Clean panties!” My kitchen has a giant pot of mostly gone macaroni and cheese (the boxed kind, nothing pinterest approved) that has been sitting on the stove for no less than three days. I’m stronger than my inner perfectionist now, and while she can sometimes break out and cause anxiety, I mostly make her sit in a disorganized closet. I remembered that there was a world outside my own walls (and outside my own brain, for that matter), but I had been procrastinating any connection to it. Even sitting down to write feels like an overwhelming task because it seems like it will take hours to vomit out all the words, situations, and feelings surrounding them before I have begun to make a dent. A lot of the stuff going on right now is intensely personal and doesn’t belong on a public blog, at least not yet. Facebook and instagram are nice enough for a funny snapshot in words or pictures of the absurdity of life. A few of the parents and grandparents were talking around a picnic table when the conversation turned to pregnancy.
Bedtime was a constant thing and I could expect a time every night when the little kids were all in bed, giving me time to read or unwind.

A baby may be complicated, but it is not a time of physical and emotional suffering like a miscarriage. Finally as I began to revise the goals I had for the upcoming year, I decided it was time to let it go.
Could that possibly mean that these other ideas were holding me back from truly serving my family wholeheartedly? I start to look around for ways to use my talents that can be seen by others, that are worthwhile to talk about among adults who have jobs.
I do admit that one of my children was amazingly good in mass, she was just a naturally compliant child with a long attention span.
My 9 year old has a harder time behaving in mass than the 7 year old, so he has to be closer. A whisper of “Psst.” and showing a child your folded hands can tell them what they need to be doing. I think the first general rule should be that if you throw it on the floor and it makes a big racket, it needs to stay home. With a child next to me or in my lap, I can trace the outlines and wrinkles on their hands. This is the time to spend some time (outside of mass) talking about Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross for us, and that sometimes mass can be hard to sit through, but we do it because we love Him. Sometimes it is a fussy baby or toddler, sometimes it is a child who is just a little bit unglued that day or who had a little too much sugar in their breakfast. Read the readings ahead of time so that you are familiar with them when you catch little snippets of them or of the homily. But unless you are taking one of the kids who is really too young for a play date (and classifies more as highly focused aerobic babysitting) then my load isn’t really any lighter. Some days I am afraid I actually growl at the 4th or 5th child who comes home and hands me more paper. And I have to restart or refigure all my routines and plans, only this time with a tiny baby in one arm and a toddler hanging off the other one.
There was a clash between the need to live our daily lives using the tools given to us, and the need to be able to hand them back to their true owners without regret.
My home here is the school where I learn to love and serve God, and is not meant to be a place where I settle in and feel secure and comfortable and permanent. I knew that there were many events lurking, since we have a graduate, but there is this eerie calm that settles over things in April. When people come to my house they just love that I have a craft table set up “for the kids.” But this little journal incorporates just a little bit of coloring and a little bit of guidance with what to write. Then, knowing the difficulties and pain ahead of her, we wrung our hands and cried a bit, and prayed a lot. We shrugged and decided she must have a reason for being that way and scheduled a C-section. Now, they are both mobile, happy to play with toys, and sometimes even nap at the same time.
One thing that I have learned through this is that I have to fight harder to maintain the things that make me, me. It was just a very hard working year with all those little bodies to care for plus trying to keep up with what I assumed were everyone’s expectations of me.
My family is my life.” And I could almost feel him thinking, Silly girl, children have to grow up sometime, and you have to do other things besides raise children. When people would try to compare their children to her, I would tell them that this is not what normal children do, and not to compare their child to her. If you don’t want them to try to play with the kids behind them during mass, don’t allow it to happen before mass starts.
Then I can easily reach out and touch his arm, which is usually enough to remind him of what he is supposed to be doing. The effect of both of these is very calming and the hand massage is a special treat they look forward to. Maybe someone has come up with a sure-thing cure for diaper rash and I am too busy to have heard of it. In fact, if you are hosting one of my kids who is 8 and up, my job will become a little harder for that time because I have fewer hands around to help out. My belongings here are on loan, sometimes as blessings, sometimes as impediments and lessons on how to hold my own ideas for my life with a gentle grasp, ready to relinquish it for the next step towards heaven.
You can check out my current reads on the sidebar and the books from my reading goal over on Goodreads. Jay ran back and forth from home to hospital with a baby in tow so that she could still breastfeed as much as possible. I’m afraid I yelled at that poor little 7 year old, a first grader, to make her own lunch for school. My husband and I talk through some things, but mostly just kind of look at each other wide eyed and say, “I know!
But let’s be honest and realize that it is more like shouting into a public place than really being part of a personal conversation.
A compliant child has their own set of problems, it’s just that sitting in mass is not one of them. Our policy has been that if we have to leave, the child has to sit on our lap, on the floor next to one of us, or stand by a wall. I know I don’t do this often enough, and I can always tell when it has been too long – when my patience with my little ones has stretched to the breaking point. You can also develop a pimply rash all over your body if your skin has been exposed to an allergen, such as poison ivy or poison sumac. They don’t see that I am so tired that I find myself unable to sympathize with a child who was walking backward in Target and nearly impaled himself on a shelf.
I was the steward, given use of these tools and trust of their care – but only for so long. The house was a mess, the kids’ homework was shoddily done, and everyone stayed up just a little too late. We quickly adjusted to the idea and even came to look forward to meeting our newest bundle. My gallbladder was removed and I was sent home to recover with the stern instructions not to lift anything over ten pounds for six weeks. For that year, the only pictures I have of our children they were either sleeping or in the bathtub because that was the only time I could look at them with fresh eyes and see their loveliness and joy.
All the words will be said, when and where they need to be, but I miss people, I miss my friends. This article is not saying those things shouldn’t be done, it is just about how to deal with having small ones with you in mass. There is a certain level of activity and noise that has to be acceptable for children to produce in mass. If you don’t want to have to leave to go to the bathroom during mass, get there early enough to take everyone to the bathroom before mass and warn them that they will not have another chance until mass is over. We arrive and go to the bathroom and get a drink, so someone always has a water fountain wet spot in my family. A teacher of small children can’t expect to do a whole lot of learning while she is in the process of teaching her class, so why expect yourself to do that? On the days when I wish I could just go home and crawl under a table because my kids are being so embarrassing, I remember those little words, told to me by a friend years ago: Ministry of Presence. As exhausting and busy as all these little people are in this house, I am so grateful that this chapter is not over.
How on earth is it possible for the mother of a new baby to go anywhere and not lift more than ten pounds? I was looking forward to working the back to school days – it’s so fun to see people again and to feel useful. Not to vent or complain, but just to connect, see how they are, and begin to build the bridges again. I don’t want to have to worry about plowing over people if we have a head injury or a major spit up to deal with. Their behavior expectations remain the same, we just won’t be bothering other people when they are having a hard time with it. I get to spend more years savoring them, seeing the world through their eyes, and, yes, ticking off minutes sometimes as they somehow both drag and speed by. If you have never watched it an you like quirky movies like The Princess Bride, this one is for you.
But I know I wouldn’t actually BE useful, because I would be nursing the baby in a corner the whole time I was supposed to be working. But parents, it is also easy for us to make a big deal out of small things to the point that we are drawing more attention to what is going on in our pew than the children would by their childishness. On the other hand, give them a thumbs up when they are doing well, or a little hug and tell them you can see how hard they are trying to be good.
I did the best I could under the circumstances, and nothing seems to have ripped, as far as I can tell. With my husband out of town for the past few days, a trip to Target is the only time we have made it out of the house and that was purely a rookie mistake on my part, to say I wasn’t prepared for a shopping trip with four small children so soon postpartum is an understatement. They pick their spots (or I assign them) and arrange their worship aid, hymnal, or anything else they want at hand. Some parents think this just prolongs the time their child has to sit still, but I find the giving my kids a little elbow room to adjust enables them to sit still better. Thank you for the help you give, you know instinctively that loving on the little ones is higher priority than a clean bathroom, and I am grateful for that.

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