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Learn how to know if your child is ready for potty training, what you'll need to start toilet training your toddler, and how to overcome the common challenges of potty training by using the right approach and a few helpful products.
Training pants – Training pants are a great way to move on from diapers and help your toddler feel like a big kid before making the jump to underwear. Rewards – In addition to verbal praise for their efforts, consider using small rewards such as stickers or stars on a chart. Brands such as Pull-Ups now offer a wide variety of mobile tools to ensure you’re always ready for potty training success, wherever you go.

Before considering graduating your child from a booster seat in the car, make sure you know the child car seat and booster seat requirements to keep your son or daughter safe on the road. Look for a model with a removable top that can be placed on top of the toilet seat when your child is ready to start making the transition. Most moms now own a smartphone, and the majority of those moms let their children use their smartphones. If your toddler enjoys playing with your smartphone, try using it as an educational tool, incentive, and reward for potty training success.

Special identifying markers inside packages of Pull-Ups Training Pants can be scanned with the app to activate an interactive Pull-Ups Big Kid 3 D Celebration, bringing your child’s favorite Disney characters to life and making rewards easy and fun.

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