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July 3, 2012 - 17 Comments Special announcement:  11 months, 1 week and 2 days into potty training Xander has earned his potty training reward, the coveted green lightsaber! It has been a long, frustrating, exhuasting and what felt like never-ending road of potty training for us. I haven’t posted too much about your potty training olympics around here, except for when we attempted the Three Day Potty Training Method, and became drop outs after failing miserably.
After trying the 3 day method instead of putting X back into diapers, we switched him to pull-ups. Once spring began our daycare providers started putting Xander in underwear and continued to keep him on a strict potty break schedule. About two weeks ago I was chatting back and forth about our potty training difficulties with pediatrician Dr. Ok, so before having kids I vowed I would never post facebook updates about potty training but this time my fingers just couldn’t help it. Xander’s potty training achievements were a silver lining to what was a very sad weekend for us, while mourning the loss of our family pet. In the midst of frustrating potty training incidents I wrote about Xander’s first attempts at potty humor.
The product that has been very useful for times when we are out of the house is the Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus.
I “try” not to judge another mom’s parenting skills but sometimes those JMM (judgemental mommy moments) sneak up on you.  Before I became a mom I was always taken aback when moms (or dad’s) blogged or updated their Facebook status about their child’s potty training stats.
He has been to the potty chair twice today and is doing great!  I enjoy taking care of them!  They are both funny little guys!
Sorry there will be NO breaking of the rule of posting any sort of picture of Xander on the potty though, as cute as it may be.
July 22, 2011 - 2 Comments Phase one of potty training is complete yet not completely successful.
Day 3- Wake up at 5:10 am with a dry bed but on the way to running into our room he had an accident right near our bed.
So my overall impression of the program is that it may work for some kids but others not so much.
I may try this program out again in a couple of months, but I would certainly need to focus more of my attention on Xander instead of nursing Noah at the same time. My silly little potty trainer randomly asked for a pickle, as we were sitting down to eat dinner tonight. So let’s rewind about a week ago, when I started to prepare for this potty training boot camp. Lora also recommends preparing meals or planning for take out ahead of time, in order to dedicate your time to the potty training munchkin. Here is where he very oddly stands in front of it, bends over so his head is touching the ground and looks between his leg as he shuffles back until his rear end is hovering over the potty before plonking himself down. In hindsight, even though Xander was demonstrating all the potty training readiness signs physically he was not cognitively ready. We also didn’t push potty training and waited for him to show us signs that he wanted to use the potty.
Awhile back I even wrote about breaking my own facebook rules when it comes to potty training. After much set up to get the program going, I’m feeling rather tired at the end of day 3. Over the period of three days he went from waking up with a full diaper to dry undies until 5 am (on both day 2 and 3).

I tracked the time of each accident and recognized a pattern–he had most accidents 20 minutes apart and more frequently in the morning and early afternoon. Since I have been running him to the potty and squatting up and down my legs and calves have been sore, so an added leg work out was an unexpected bonus. Just when you think you have the hang of this parenting thing after 2 years of surviving long sleepless nights, piles upon piles of diapers, sippy cups thrown on the floor countless times, and ear infection upon ear infection your hit with a new challenge: potty training. Totally Toddler and Oxyclean carpet spray for quick and easy carpet clean up with a towel close by on each level of our house to avoid going up and down the stairs. Lots of juice to encourage liquids– I rarely give Xander juice so knew this would be a sure way to get him to drink extra fluids. But before we did the little guy squeezed one out, we were shocked, we couldn’t believe he had actually done it. Just as I was about to sit down and write the post last week there was a twist in the plot.
At the first of the new year we worked together with our daycare providers to start Xander on a potty training schedule. At home he continued to refuse to use the potty, kicking and screaming the entire way there.
She recommended we put Xander in underwear at the beginning of each day and tell him that if he has an accident he will be put into diapers. Potty training started to become easier in the sense that there were less power struggles and longer periods between bathroom trips.
It uses self-absorbing, disposable liners so there is no messy clean up while your on the go.
I do participate in the amazon affiliate program, which means I receive a commission if you purchase these items from Amazon. Caught him fast enough to get a small amount into the potty one time, when we were in the bathroom getting ready to shower.
1 successful pee in the potty, after I woke him up close to the end of his nap, set the potty in his room and sat reading books with him until things started happening.
I think having a potty right near Xander in whatever room he is in, may teach him the idea of using the potty faster. Essentially the method is based on the principle that the child needs to grasp the concept of realizing they need to go, so every time they are in the act you run them into the bathroom onto the potty. I have been doing a load of laundry during nap time and then again after Xander goes to bed. These wipes are a bit smaller than baby wipes yet safe for septic systems, so your little one can help clean up and be independent.
He is a pretty low-key kid, who is easily entertained by toys but I needed some sanity other than playing with cars all day.
Today, not so great, as I needed to take a nap while the boys were napping, since Xander woke up at 5 am today. As he normally did when he had done a wee he liked to look in and see how things had changed. So for 4 weeks now Adam has been going on the potty, what a little champ, hooray, no more money spent on Nappies. First order of business, before allowing his backside to be wiped, is to check out his creation. I have just one child left to toilet train and am waiting til he’s about 3 or a bit older and doing the 3-day method, it totally works even though it’s soul destroying!!
Every time Adrian and I talk about our attempts at the method he tells me to get my money back (for the e-book).

Since we are a two working parent household we are all pretty exhausted by the end of the day. Since we still had a pack of pull-ups I just used those, even though I called them diapers. My credibility is extremely important to me, therefore I only endorse products I have personally purchased and used. Today I was feeling pretty tired this morning, so we did some games on the IPad but it was still time spent together.
So I have been following Xander around all day and evening as much as possible and catching him in the act. It worked out fine because daddy had potty duty while I made dinner and I fed Noah prior to making dinner.
Well, the little guy peered into the potty and squealed in fright, he ran over to mummy and cried for ages.
I haven’t yet nor will I because I know a few bloggers and friends in real life that successfully trained their children using this method.
This plan was exhausting for all those involved, considering our sweet little boy would turn into a six legged monster and fight his way to the bathroom most of the time.
I wasn’t sure how potty training would be affected but I prepared for a regression of some sort. As far as each specific day of our 3 days I will spare you all the details, but let’s say there were LOTS and LOTS of clean up with little ending in the potty. I really like the program because it puts potty training into a positive spin, although I don’t think such a short 3 day program is going to work for Xander.
My other suggestion for others who are going to try this method would be to take the time to plan all meals ahead of time (or have help) and hire a housekeeper to clean your house after the program is over.
I do plan on putting Xander in undies when we are around the house for long periods of time to work on training, and we will see how that goes. I am most in awe of Sarah’s experience with sucessfully training her 2 year-old following the 3 day potty training method.
Gradually he started to have little successes, which we celebrated with candy, stickers, hugs, and excitement. I’m feeling quite exhausted yet my house has fallen apart after 3 days of little cleaning. At this point I’m in no huge rush and need to enjoy the remainder of my maternity leave (one week) relaxing with the boys. There were glimpses of hope here and there but he just wasn’t sensing when he had to go.
He is also putting more words together, asking a lot more questions and using so many articles and prepositions. I have felt like a defeated dinosaur over the past two days with Lora Jenson’s 3 Day Potty Training program. Yes, my parenting world has been rocked with a new challenge and currently the challenge is winning. I should say that we haven’t done any other potty training method prior to these past two days.

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