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Laughing gas is administered through a face mask, starts working within minutes and works itself out of the child’s system after a few seconds. The initiative to start using laughing gas in the emergency room was taken by Mignot and pediatrician Thilo Mohns, with the aim to make the emergency treatment pain-free and child friendly. All emergency doctors and nurses were recently trained to administer laughing gas to children. Summer is a good time to start Potty Training, when washing dries better and there are fewer clothes to take off. This entry was posted in Facebook Fun, National and tagged Parenting Advice, Potty training, Potty Training Tips. According to the hospital, it prevents these children suffering unnecessary pain and anxiety during treatment and also means that treatment can be done faster. Previously kids only had one of two options: push through the pain or be admitted so that they can receive pain medication through a drip. Pediatricians and pediatric nurses of the hospital’s Woman Mother Child center received their training a few months ago and have already successfully launched the use of ntirous oxide in the center. Or if your child has a fear of potty training check out our advice on ways of coping with toddlers fears.
Or if you are thinking about potty training pants, you’re probably thinking of disposables, like Huggies Pull-Ups or Pampers Easy Ups.
Around 18 to 24 months is a good age to start potty training, but there’s no particular time when success is guaranteed, it all depends on the individual child. Both times I committed to staying at home as much as possible to fully focus on using the potty. It was just the easiest way to reduce the number of barriers between the toddler and the potty.But there were times when we were in the thick of potty training and we really had to leave the house.

If it does happen, you will really, really want to put a diaper on your child and get out of the house. This is where washable  potty training pants come into play.The key quality of washable potty training pants that makes them so much better than pull-ups or other disposable training pants is that your child will feel wet if she goes in her pants. With both of my kids, we focused on using the potty training seat all the time during the day first, and kept them in diapers at night.Since we concentrated only on potty training during the waking hours, I had pretty strong feelings about not using disposable potty training pants like Huggies Pull-Ups or Pampers Easy Ups. To your child, this kind of potty training pant is a diaper!Disposable diapers work so well because manufacturers are constantly perfecting them to keep baby as dry as possible, even with a soaked diaper.
Little ones generally do not feel wet when they urinate in disposable potty training pants. After all, I did nothing but encourage them to wear underwear and ditch the diapers all throughout the day!When they both reached that point of refusing to wear diapers, we did use disposable potty training pants at night for both my son and daughter until they consistently remained dry all night for several days in a row.
Pull-Ups and Easy-Ups were great products for that transition since they went on like underwear and helped my kiddos avoid the trauma of waking up in a puddle in the middle of the night.Both of my little ones wore disposable potty training pants starting at bedtime for a few months until they remained dry all night for 3 or more nights in a row.
At that point, I knew they had learned to hold it all night and were ready to wear their underwear!Finally, you may be thinking: If we shouldn’t use Pull-Ups, what should we use? I know that the tone of this article is mildly opinionated, but I always want to hear about other experiences:Readers: Do you think disposable training pants are beneficial to potty training?
You also could invest in a $10 potty training seat cover that travels well and can be brought along on any outing.If you can answer the question: What is the best potty training seat?
Please leave a comment!Personally, I think having a potty chair is a key to potty training success. It’s also super easy to take the little bucket out, and soak in clorox or hose down.Kids can choose what color they want! This was such a big deal to my children — also, they are solid colors that can look nice with your bathroom.

The surface is also nice that your child can decorate the back with cute stickers if wanted.It works for children of all different sizes!
Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and my daughter has tons of electronic gadgets, but potty chairs should not double as toys. When I got it home my 16-month-old daughter immediately knew what it was and wanted to sit on it. At the same time, many reviewers state that they bought more than one potty seat before realizing the BabyBjorn Potty Chair was the one that worked for their family!After my own experiences potty training two toddlers, I have to say I agree with the advice.
I can also say that the Baby Bjorn Smart Potty (from $14.99) was a great potty seat for my daughter when we were potty training at 18 months!Readers: Do you have an opinion? When my first child, now four, started showing signs of potty training readiness, I brought the Stepstool Potty out for him to get familiar with.
He got lots of claps, praises, high fives, hugs and kisses, and every now and then maybe a cookie or two in celebration!We didn’t use Pull-Ups or other disposable training pants either – which saved a lot of money! Please share them in the comments below! Be sure to read my article about how I potty trained my 18 month old in 1 week!
It’s been hanging on one of those great Command hooks in our bathroom for nearly 3 years and I’m in no hurry to put it away!Why do I like it so much?
Combined with a little stool, it also makes it easy and comfortable for little ones to independently go to the bathroom.

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