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Lots of videos featuring family activities, places to visit, education news and resources, lifestyle tips, parenting advice and help, health matters, being a mum or dad. Watch the official UK trailer for A Warrior’s Tail, available here, only on Primary Times online!
On a tiny exotic island, Tuesday, an outgoing parrot, lives with his quirky animal friends in paradise.
Steven Spielberg’s live-action blockbuster THE BFG will arrive in UK cinemas on July 22nd and today, Entertainment One UK can reveal a brand new trailer for the release. Watch our video where Slater and Gordon divorce lawyer Rupi Rai talks you through the process of divorce.
TV presenters and busy working mums Alex Kramer and Jemma Forte talk about how they helped encourage their teenage children achieve their goals – what works, what doesn’t and how to be part of their journey. Positive discipline is about teaching children how to behave as well as helping them understand the consequences of their behaviour.
Watch our video where former children’s TV presenter Anna Williamson shows you the games, toys and even parts of your everyday routine that can help your children learn vital skills. The stereotypical view of the British is that we’re terrible at learning foreign languages.

If your child lacks focus and concentration, struggles to process and retain information, exhibits behavioural difficulties and underperforms at school then we at STEP want to connect with him or her. From the comedy-geniuses who starred in Horrible Histories, comes the hilarious family movie of the year, BILL.
We want everyone to Make a Noise about bullying; whether it’s happening to you or someone else. It is a fact and very natural for siblings to fight with one another, quarrel with one another and argue every now and then.
The next step is to set some rules about how the siblings will behave with one another and define the limits of bad behavior, arguments and fights. Refuse to respond to their complains about their fights and about the other child and teach them to resolve their issues on their own and on the same day of the fight rather than taking it to the next day.  Tell them that you will listen to them only when they have cooled down. Make sure you arrange time for family get together and experiences like vacations and dinners etc. Make them understand from the very beginning that little disagreements and arguments are not big fights and it is natural for siblings to quarrel with one another every now and then.  Teach them to analyze the reason for the fight.
With lots of local information, holidays, days out, all for school aged children in the UK and Ireland.

However, new research shows that 73% of us have considered learning a second language, so what is it that’s stopping us? But the situation where they truly hate each other can be tricky to deal with for the parents.  But sibling hatred must not be encouraged or tolerated and parents must make all efforts to put an end to it.
On the surface, their fights and arguments may seem trivial but there may be a more serious underlying cause for it. This will give them an opportunity to get out of the house and put an end to the crankiness.
This will make them realize the importance of the other and grow fonder for the brother or sister. Favorable behavior will only make them hate each other more and develop more negativity towards the other. For this, admit for children into separate summer camps and visits to relatives when they get time to think about their relationship from a deeper level.

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